Actors for "The Hope Beneath Our Will"Here is a great chance to get experience and to add to or start your acting reel with a new feature film “The Hope Beneath Our Will”. The film follows Nathan and his girlfriend Maddie who have been together for a year, until she is killed by a hit and run. A few weeks pass and Nathan is sad and depressed about his girlfriend death. Maddie’s sister Ella comes back town to visit her sisters grave. When Nathan and Ella meet, they come up with an idea to find Maddie’s killer and bring him to justice.

The project is non-paid, however you will receive food, snacks and drinks while on set. The film will be shooting for a period of two weeks. The filming will be taking place in North Carolina so you must be local to the area. The selected actors will need to travel each day needed. If you live in another state, you will have to travel at your own expense. The crew will provide one big meal on the last day of filming. Shooting will be about 6 to 7 hours a day and if a night scene is needed it will be about a four hour shoot.

The roles they are looking to fill are the roles of: Maddie: Blonde, Blue eyes, Height 5’0 to 5’9, Body type Average, age 16 to 17; Teen Nathan: Brown hair, Brown eyes, height 5″6 to 6″0 ft, body type Average, age 16 to 18; Jed – Nathan`s father: Brown hair, Brown eyes, height 5″10 or 6″0 ft, age 35 to 40. They also need a young & Teenager Marty – One of Nathan`s best friends in middle & high school: Brown hair, Brown eyes, height young 5″0 to teenager 6″0 ft, age young 13 to 16 – Teenager 17 to 18 and a Young Joseph – Another best friend of Nathan: Brown hair, Brown eyes, height 5″0 ft to 5″5 ft, Body type Average, age 13 to 16. Sarah – Nathan`s Mother: Blonde or brunette, Brown or blue eyes, Height 5″0 ft to 5″9, age 30 to 35.

To be considered, please submit a demo reel (if you have one) to and they will send you side for the role you have put in your subject line. This will be a great time on set! Submissions are due before April 30th.

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