Sundance’s Rectify Season 4 ActorsThe Sundance Original TV series “Rectify” is casting men and women to be extras and stand-ins on the show. The channel describes the story of the show as “After spending 19 years on Death Row for the rape and murder of his teenage girlfriend, Daniel Holden is going home. His conviction has been vacated due to new DNA evidence, thrusting him back into a world he no longer knows. Having spent his adult life waiting to die, Daniel must now learn how to live again. But, his reentry into the outside world may be as unforgiving as prison. He is haunted by the past, dogged by the present, and uncertain of the future. As he struggles to adapt to his new life, his return will reignite the fears of a small town and threaten to shatter his family’s fragile peace. Daniel’s alleged crime divided a community. His freedom could tear it in half.”

The series is now in its fourth season and is need of background actors in Georgia. Casting directors have put out a casting call for men 20′s to 30′s of various looks – some clean cut some more bearded or longer hair, but a very featured and small group of men that are just out of prison living in a type of half house, would need a flexibly schedule and some acting experience as this could be a regular recurring role. If you apply for this group, you should put New Guys in the subject line of the email. They are also looking for artists. All types that would be featured with their art work in a few scenes at a co-op — Sculptures, painters, metal workers – anything unique we’re not listing here, artists and art work of all types. If you apply for this role, you should put artists in the subject line.

Casting directors are also looking for some regular stand ins. The work will mostly be in the Griffin area. They are seeking a blonde female around 5’4 – 5’7 and a Brunette female around 5’4 – 5’7. This group should put Stand-Ins in the subject line of the email. The last role they are looking to fill is for a still photo shoot. They are looking for men 20′s to 50′s for a still photo shoot this Thursday 4/7. Get paid just for a quick still photo. Various looks are needed from clean cut business types to almost homeless looks. This group should put Photo Men in the subject line of the email. For all roles email with a recent photo and all contact information.

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