Whitetails Independent Short Film ShootGet your headshots ready to submit to a new independent short film called “Whitetails”. Titan Throw Productions are looking for actors to audition for the project. “Whitetails” is a short film about the strained relationship between the nature loving Woodsmen tribe and the more civilized citizens of a city named Raffiné. A misinformed Townie named Jacques discovers a group of Woodsmen hiding out in his barn and has his enforcer give chase to them. His enforcer manages to capture one of them and Jaques decides to make an example out of him. That is until a mysterious Peacemaker shows up to save the day.

Casting directors are looking for a male to play Enforcer Leon. They are casting men of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 35. He is a confident, expert swordsman, stoic, hot tempered, proud, series and competitive. Enforcers are guards hired by Townsmen to protect their property. They typically carry out executions for even the smallest of crimes due to the fact that the law absolves farmers from accountability for their actions. This Enforcer however, has more of a conscience than most others in his line of work. He attempts to solve issues before they begin through posturing and intimidation, which is generally effective due to his imposing demeanor. However, he understands his position and will split a man in half if his master wills it. He has superior confidence in his fighting abilities. A man of few words, he allows his sword to do his talking for him.

The non-union film will be shooting in Columbia, South Carolina and is being directed by Hugo Guzman. The film is set to shoot at Sesquicentennial State Park. Auditions will be taking place April 10th through the 17th and video auditions are being accepted. Call backs will be held on April 19th from 6:00pm-10:00pm. This will be a one day shoot on May 7th. They are also looking for a female to play the role of Peacemaker Elaine/Lambert, Male/Female ages 20-35 of any ethnicity. They need actors to play fair, analytical, easygoing, honest, polite, patient, light-hearted, in peak physical and mental condition.

Peacemakers are the government’s version of enforcers. They patrol the entire country ensuring that laws are being adhered to and intervene when they aren’t. Highly trained in the art of combat, they are feared and respected by Woodsmen and Townsmen alike. Very few have stood against a peacemaker and lived. This particular peacemaker has a soft spot for Woodsmen since he/she was also raised in the woods. In addition to that, he/she doesn’t fit the notion of totalitarian thug that citizens have of peacemakers. He/she maintains a level head and sound judgement through any situation and delivers a just sentence despite personal feelings. The epitome of fairness. To apply for an audition email hugoguz29@gmail.com with your headshot, resume and all contact information.

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