20 Minutes TV Commercial Looking for Kids, Teens & AdultsAn upcoming TV commercial “20 Minutes” is looking for two child/teen and two adult roles to appear in the shoot. The commercial will be shooting in Los Angeles. Castrol is looking for a Caucasian male between the ages of 38 and 48 years old, a Caucasian female between the ages of 12 and 14, a Caucasian male between the ages of 7 to 10 years old and a Caucasian female to play the mom.

Check out the casting call for the roles below!

Mike: Male, Principal, Caucasian, 38 – 48. Healthy build, full head of hair, clean and tidy. Our likable lead should feel real; you’d like to have him in your circle of friends. He’s a normal guy, not smug, and not perfect, but we enter his world in a moment of sheer absent-minded behavior. His instinct to be protective doesn’t always kick in immediately and that’s when his inner voice comes into play. It’s almost like his brash, younger self – the sort of person who wouldn’t think twice about protection and guess what, it always ends badly. We need an exceptional lead, an actor who has the judgment to keep it authentic and the instinct to make it funny. Someone with a great voice and range and an experience of voice over work would be beneficial.

Olivia: Female, 12 – 14, Caucasian. Olivia is the smart-mouthed and feisty teenage daughter, with a daring adventurous side like her father (why else would she let her dad cut her hair?!) She’s not the brooding teenage drama queen, and she probably has Mike’s easygoing spirit to thank for that. Sure, she knows her dad can cause trouble, she also recognizes he’s just trying to look out for her. Although, when things don’t go her way, she can understandably get a bit passionate – just like her mother. NOTE: Actresses hair may need to be cut for real.
Josh: Male, Supporting, Caucasian, 7 – 10 years old. Josh is the precocious and lovable son. He’s constantly exploring and trying new things – full of endless hobbies, such as Karate (an actor with experience with Karate would be beneficial). He loves his dad, and loves spending time with him, bonding. Sometimes he’s actually a step or two ahead of Mike when it comes to logic and the humor should stem from Mike forgoing his son’s natural logic for his own immature choices. We need an actor who can strike a nice balance between happy 8 year old with his wits about him.

Claire: Claire is the household breadwinner and since she heads out to work, she depends on her husband Mike to run a tight ship back home. That’s why, when his little reckless choices crop up, she understandably gets a little passionate! The truth is, she knows he cares and one of the reasons she loves Mike is because he always wants to make things right and is very open about his mistakes. It’s this transparency that makes her a little more lenient when he messes up. We’re looking for actresses that are confident, natural leaders and able to portray calm under pressure. Mike is dependent on Claire to bring home the bacon, so when he’s not pulling his weight – she’s not there breathing down his neck, she knows he’ll do what’s right…eventually!

This is a paid shoot! If you would like to submit for this project you should email your photos, resume (if you have one), contact information and which role you would like to apply for to castrolcasting@gmail.com. Submissions are due by May 7th so don’t delay!

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