FOX's Alcatraz Auditions

FOX’s Alcatraz Auditions – Miami

The new hit series Alcatraz is looking for some new cast members for the second season.  The show will be shooting for several weeks in Miami next year and FOX would like to hire some local talent for a few select parts.  There are two roles available, one male and one female, and these roles will have a significant part in the story.  The roles will have a large speaking parts, so experience is required.  The network would like to have actors that are relatively unknown, so you should not have done any national spots in your career.Alcatraz airs on FOX and is a television show that centers around the former island prison that has been empty for years.  The only problem is that these long forgotten prisoners are starting to show up in the present day.  A very specialized team of law enforcers is now on the hunt for answers about the convicts and why they are back for more.

This exciting and mysterious  premise lends itself to a great opportunity for aspiring actors of all ages that are looking for a break in their career.  Both roles require the actors to be in their 30’s or 40’s with an athletic, clean cut body.   If you are interested in one of the roles please leave your contact information below.

There will also be a need for several extras, but these parts will be cast much closer to the start of shooting.  If you would like to be kept informed of future casting calls for these kinds of roles, we would also encourage you to submit your information.

Roles in the next hit FOX drama series are ready to be cast soon. Keep checking back for every audition update for the latest fabulous J.J. Abrams (Lost, Super 8, Cloverfield) production, Alcatraz.



  1. Tonya Rene says:

    Hi my name is Tonya Rene, I am the artist manager for Connections PR and I would like to submit my clients information for an audition for the new casting member spot on your series Alcatraz.

    Kendrick R. Smith, Actor
    Black Male
    age: 30-40
    athletic build

    Chase (tv series-NBC)
    Blood Out (movie featuring rap artist 50 cent)
    American Dream (indie film)
    Because I Love You (ndie film)

    Please let me know what else needs to be sent to you in order for him to be considered for the part.

    Thank you for your time,
    Tonya Rene

  2. Gaynell Mamou says:

    Hello, I am very interested in auditioning for a part in the show. I’ve dreamed of becoming an actress since I was a little girl. I am a Registered Nurse who took theatre/drama in college. My only experience is from the plays, skits, and monologues I participated in when I was in school. The standing ovation I received from the monologue I performed from “The Best Man,” was one of my most proud moments. I chose to move forward with my nursing career due to personal family matters. I’ve been feeling stuck doing something I really don’t want to do. Thoughts of pursuing acting have been so strong lately, its like a bug that won’t go away. Its hard for an unknown to break out into this business, especially when you have a family and bills. I wanted it so bad I joined this acting/talent company online that charged me over three hundred dollars to so call help me get acting gigs. I never got not one job or a potential. I’m really hoping to get a big break. I have so much to offer in this business. That’s my story. Thanks for your time.


    Gaynell Mamou

  3. Nicholas A. DiMaio says:

    Very interested!
    Thank you for your consideration!
    Nicholas A. DiMaio

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