Amazon Instant Video Desert DevilThere is a new casting for for a Amazon Instant Video production. Dark Libra Casting is looking for actors and actresses in Los Angeles for the upcoming film horror Desert Devil”. Casting directors are looking to fill the role of TROY: 20′s-30′s age range, any ethnicity, able to be extremely welcoming and chivalrous as well as dark and psychotic.

They are also looking for actresses of any ethnicity between the ages of 20 and 30’s that are able to pull off a true sense of innocence but is then able to transition into survival model. You can view their latest film at this link They are not just casting for this film, but are also looking for talent for their future projects as well.

The company aims to create about four or five of these films per year, so if you like the style, they will have more than a few chances to work together! If at all interested in submitting, Email with your headshot, resume, and any other IMDb or reel links if you have them. This is a paid shoot. The casting directors as you submit by April 15th. All auditions will be self-tapes. If you match what they are currently looking for, they will email you the sides.

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