Boardwalk Empire Casting

Boardwalk Empire Casting

Boardwalk Empire is a critically acclaimed television show airing on the HBO network. The show is directed by Martin Scorsese and has been well received at all of the major awards shows such as the Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards. Honors and awards that the show has received or been recognized for include original soundtrack, directing, cinematography, acting and writing. Based on a novel by Nelson Johnson, Scorsese has adapted the text to create an exciting series that is now on its third season.

Based in the 1920’s American prohibition in the city of Atlantic City, Boardwalk Empire is a crime drama that dives into the underworld of New Jersey and the surrounding areas. The main character of the show is a guy named Enoch Thompson, or as he is known on the darker side of his life, simply “Nucky.” Played by Steve Buscemi, Nucky holds office in Atlantic Country as Treasurer. Having a reputation widespread connections with mobsters and criminal elements as well as crooked agents in both Federal and local government, Nucky has been living a very lavish life since the beginning of Prohibition. With the help of the criminal underground and his friends, he aspires to control Atlantic City.

From the very beginning of the first season, Boardwalk Empire has followed Nucky and those connected to him, going through bootlegging operations and speakeasies and run-ins with straight officials. The interweaving large-scale plots of the characters keeps you on your toes and manages to create a very diverse show that fascinates and surprises you at every corner.

Also starring in the show are Michael Pitt and Kelly Macdonald. Pitt plays the role of “Jimmy” Darmody, a former Princeton honor student and ex-military soldier from WWI and Macdonald plays the role of Margaret Schroeder, an Irish widower who becomes Nucky’s mistress.

There will be shooting for the upcoming season on location in Atlanta and in Chicago. If you are interested in hearing about these upcoming roles, please submit your information below.


  1. Gabrielle J says:

    I would LOVE to work on “Boardwalk Empire”!
    You can find some crucial information on my website,

    Hope to be considered!

    – Gabrielle Joly

  2. Gaynell Mamou says:

    I would love to get this great opportunity! I have something special to offer in this business.
    Hope to hear back!!


    Gaynell Mamou

  3. Maris Michels says:

    hi i’m maris i am 18 and if there is a role for me i would love to be apart of this show and entertainment business

  4. Victoria Thomspon says:

    Mt name is Victoria Thompson and I am a new actress to Atlanta. I am very interested in hearing about this up coming role. My studies at Fayetteville State university revolved around Bachelor degree in Speech and Theater. I look forward to meeting you in person.

    Warmest regards,

    Victoria Thompson

  5. Monique Robbins says:

    I grew up in Hollywood, CA., and I am now in Dallas. I grew up taking acting, dancing and modeling lessons. Going on auditions. I got married young and decided to have a family and raise my kids. Now that they are grown, I would like to be considered for an acting job.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Monique Robbins

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