Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney

Tomorrowland Starring George Clooney

The most exciting film project of the year is being prepped to roll in front of cameras and this one truly has it all – an incredible cast featuring box office superstar George Clooney, a top-shelf, visionary director and the backing of the magnificent Walt Disney Pictures. Tomorrowland will begin shooting soon and now the producers and casting team for this tentpole production have begun their search for actors of all ages to be a part of what will surely be one of the most anticipated movies of the new year. Aspiring performers can submit themselves today for upcoming casting calls.

Tomorrowland will be helmed and co-written by 2 time Academy Award winner Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Iron Giant) and will feature a phenomenal cast that includes 2 time Oscar Winner Clooney (Gravity, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Michael Clayton), Britt Robertson (Under the Dome, Life Unexpected, Scream 4), Judy Greer (Three Kings, Archer, The Descendants), 2 time Golden Globe Award winner Hugh Laurie (House, The Man in the Iron Mask, Stuart Little), Kathryn Hahn (Step Brothers, Parks and Recreation, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) and country superstar Tim McGraw (Friday Night Lights, The Blind Side, Four Christmases). While plot details are being held closely in check we do know that the film will follow the journey of a former boy genius inventor and a young teen girl into a dangerous and mysterious place known as Tomorrowland. This epic science fiction event is ready to enchant the world and your chance to be a part of the magic is here.

Casting calls for roles for actors of all ages will be happening soon and performers can submit themselves today by sending emails here We will be posting every audition and plot update as they are released right here so check back for more new and information and leave a comment and tell us why you want a shot at working alongside George Clooney and a host of talented stars in Disney’s Tomorrowland.



  1. Shakira Ramos says:

    •black hair and brown eyes

  2. Sue-Lynn Newson says:

    I’m 18
    Brown hair
    Brown eyes
    From South Africa

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