Casting Call for Short Film My Worst Summer VacationCasting directors are looking for people to play a mom, dad and son for an upcoming film.  The film follows David when he finds a large amount of money in his parents’ closet, he starts to wonder if his father is involved in the series of bank robberies that have been happening around town.  They are looking to fill the following roles: Robert: male, aged 34, any race. He works at the local car factory and dislikes his job. He makes a decent living, but makes no effort to hide the fact that he is frustrated with his career and place in life.

They are also looking to hire someone for the role of Michelle: female, aged 34, any race. Like Robert, she knows she has a decent life but often longs for better things. She grew up poor and remains jealous of friends and family members who have nice cars and go on expensive vacations. She dreams of seeing some place outside of her small town.  The final role they are looking fill is for the role  of the son, David: male, aged 11, any race. At his age, David is unconcerned about having finer things but he is intelligent enough to pick up on his parents’ unhappiness. He spends his days indulging typical boyhood adventures, riding his bike around town and hanging out at the woods and train tracks and bridges that become a small town boy’s playground.

This is an independent film that is set to shoot from May 6th, 2016 to May 9th, 2016.  “My Worst Summer Vacation” will be filming in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area.  This is a paid project.  In addition to monetary compensation, selected actors will receive a DVD/Digital copy of the finished film along with meals, snacks and beverages on set.  To apply, email with your photos, resume, name, age and all contact information.  The casting team prefers in-person auditions however, if you aren’t able to attend, they will accept a video audition.  You have until April 18th to apply.

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