Casting Men For Historical Colonial ExhibitMackinac Historic State Parks is creating a unique exhibit where visitors will be able interact with historical characters via a life-size ‘ghost’ effect. Actors will deliver a short monologue about a specific aspect of historic life at Colonial Michilimackinac in Mackinaw City, Michigan. This is an opportunity for actors to have their work seen at the foot of the Mackinac for years to come. Mackinac State Historic Parks hosts 400,000 annual visitors to its historic sites.

Filming will be completed April 2nd, in Kalamazoo, MI and actors MUST be available on this date.The pay for this project is $750.00, for travel, lodging, and performance. They are looking to cast on role of a pale Caucasian man who is between the ages of 35 and 45 years old. The actor needs to be able to perform with an English accent.

If you are interested in applying, casting directors request that you send a short video stating your name and reading both of the assigned monologues for the part to Here are the sides you should read in your audition video: (standing, reading letter)

“On your arrival at Michilimackinac you will acquaint the Indians who may resort to that post, that His Majesty heartily wishes them well, and hope they will continue to behave as friends, and that so long as they do so, they may be assured of his Friendship and good Offices…” So read my orders. These Indian concerns take up a great deal of my time- it seems that every day more leaders arrive to speak with me about all manner of trade disputes with some of our more unscrupulous merchants. Some have become great friends and allies, but others do try my patience. Of course, with the trouble from these Boston rebels, I am doing my utmost to protect our interests here, which means recruiting Indian war parties. I’ve sent Mr. Langlade to raise a force from the Ottawa and Chippewa, who will shortly join General Burgoyne in New York. I hope they can end this rebellion before the year is out.

DePeyster 2 (walks into frame wearing hat and gloves, removes both while talking)  With the rebels threatening the Illinois country, it has become even more imperative that this garrison be ready for war. I have the men at drill daily [gestures outside with hat], and although they want for new uniforms and equipment, they are quite proficient in the firings and manual exercise. The men grumble, of course- in addition to drill, I’ve had them employed strengthening the walls, building a new firing step, and repairing the gun carriages. Lieutenant Bennet and the other subalterns are also ordered to increase their vigilance while on duty, so that the sentinels remain at all times alert to any danger. I believe we are ready to meet any force the rebels should send against us, but my duties make me weary. Fortunately, I have the company of Rebecca and my poems to ease my troubled mind. I’ve even begun to set some of my Indian speeches to verse: Great chiefs, convened at my desire.  To kindle up this council fire,  Which, with ascending smoke, shall burn. Till you from war once more return, To lay the axe in earth so deep,
That nothing shall disturb its sleep….[fade out as poem continues]

Actors will be costumed with pre-existing costumes, so the closer your measurements are to the ones listed below, the better:
Height: 6’
Chest: 40” (full inhale)
Waist (pant size): 32”
Hips: 34”
Inseam: 30”
Shoulder: 18.5”
Neck: 14”
Arm: 29”
Girth*: 52”
Shoe: size 10
Head: 22.5”
*Torso/trunk size – Start at lat on a shoulder, run tape down through crotch, and back up

In addition to the video, please send your measurements in the same way as presented above. If your measurements do not match, please audition anyway—we’ll see if it can be adjusted. Please fill as many criteria as possible. Actors of all genders are encouraged to apply for the role that best suits them. Submissions are due by March 10th.

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