Selena Gomez along with her mother are producing a new series for Netflix. The show, “13 Reasons Why”, is now casting all ages including young adults for several different background roles in the series. They are currently seeking actors who are near the San Francisco, California area. According to Variety, 13 Reasons Why “follows a… Read More »

Is your child interested in becoming an actor? If so, we have an amazing casting call for you! Casting directors on searching the world for child actors for leading roles in the upcoming film “Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul”! This film centers around a family road trip is supposed to be a… Read More »

There is a new casting call for a new set of headphones! An Australian startup is gearing up to launch their new innovative headphone that calibrates to each listener’s unique hearing profile. The company is looking for actors to appear in a video that will be on their Kickstarter campaign page. It will help explain… Read More »

The SF Film Society Fellow Reena Dutt is producing the upcoming film Awarewolf. The shoot is a proof of concept for a feature length film. This is a great way to gain some footage for your reel, network with the team and showcase your skills in a short, quirky and heartwarming story. Casting Directors are… Read More »

FUJI is a local female half-Japanese rapper in Oakland, CA. The rapper is looking for a mature Asian actor ages 30 and up for her music video shoot. This dramatic short narrative takes place during the Zombie Apocalypse. FUJI is the lead survivor. It is a 4 minute long video, and this role is featured… Read More »

The upcoming short film “Pulse” is now casting actors for it’s upcoming shoot. Pulse is a story about a young woman’s journey towards accepting the inevitability of death. Maybelle is open, grounded and tuned in to all that exists around her. When she senses a change is in the air, with the arrival of an… Read More »