Comedy Series According to Amanda ActorsThe LYL Network is holding a casting call for the new TV series, “According to Amanda”. From the movie, Trainwreck, comes a romantic comedy about a hopeless romantic, Amanda Maggie, who realizes he isn’t the problem, she is. Auditions will be held on Thursday, May 12th in Nashville, Tennesee. They are casting for a Caucasian female between the ages of 25 and 36 to play Amanda Maggie, the hopeless romantic and Heather Lockley, the bestie. Amanda, the main character, is in her late 20’s, and wants to be married by 30. Amanda is currently in a relationship with Alex as he is the only guy she has dated for nearly a year. Amanda doesn’t like men that are clingy, emotional, or sex freaks.

Heather is the best friend of Amanda. Heather is engaged to her boyfriend of seven long years. Heather is more relationship savy, and knows how to communicate well with others. Heather is sweet, laid back, and genuine. They are looking for an African American female ages 25-36 to play Jonna Jones. Jonna is the receptionist at Amanda’s job. She loves shopping, and has a sassy personality. She never wears the same weave. Also, she gives great relationship advice.

Casting directors are looking for actors to play the following roles as well: John A.“The Opposite” is age 25-36 and a Caucasian male. John A. is the guy most girls look over. He joins Amanda’s job as a sales representative. John is sometimes witty, smart, and very awkward. He has never survived a date in his life. John is the epitome of different. John W.,“The Match” Ages 25-36, a Caucasian male who is Amanda’s local crush. John is also really good friends with John A. John W. is the most charming guy anyone can meet. John is the owner at a local bar.

Joan is a Caucasian female age 25-36. Joan works at Amanda’s job. Joan is a top worker, and is very mean to Amanda. Joan loves to rub her success in the face of Amanda. Joan gets around as she dates different men. Joan loves to stir up the pot in Amanda’s life. The final role they are looking to fill is for a recurring character, Alex D, “The One Who Got Away”. He is a male ages 25 to 36 of any ethnicity. Alex is the soon to be ex-boyfriend of Amanda. Alex is a body builder who is emotional and clingy. Alex also makes a lot of money, and loves outdoor adventures. If interested in auditioning, please email Brandon Moore at with first name, last name, and headshots.

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