Crowley’s Tomb Movie Kids & AdultsThe upcoming film “Crowley’s Tomb” is looking for actors and actresses ages 8 and up for the upcoming film. It will be shooting in Orlando, Florida. A band of brothers will take you on a non-stop, heart-pounding ride through the underworld where the teenagers will battle against their own demons, the enemy and paranormal elements. You will witness the carnage of the Cemetery Boy’s apocalyptic battle against Satan’s Army. The cat is now out of the bag! The occult is real! Lies of sadistic corruption will be uncovered at church.

Crowley’s Tomb is still looking to fill many roles for characters. It is a film that is based off of the novel of the same name by Casey Moore. The novel is described on the Cowley’s Tomb website as “A malcontent gang of teenagers called the “Cemetery Boys” hang out in the world’s largest graveyard. By chance, the Cemetery Boys stumble onto the evil empire of CROWLEY’S TOMB. Stealing items from the tomb with hopes of fame and fortune has the teens fighting the armies of the night. Surviving the great escape back home turns out to be against all odds. The teenagers made a pact with the Devil and now the Devil has come home to collect on the debt. Unfortunately, their actions invite evil into the village when the Devil decides to make house calls. Crossing the Devil has grave consequences. The Occult kills one of the gang members, while also taking the Cemetery Boys’ mentor known as the “Wizard” hostage.

With a taste for revenge the Cemetery Boys must attempt a suicidal mission, avoiding a swarm of police by going back into the Devil’s playground. Countless miles behind enemy lines, the Cemetery Boys will embrace in an Apocalyptic Battle at the Gates of Hell. There is only one way out; they’ve got one chance, and one night on Hallows Eve to betray the Devil and his army.

Casting directors encourage ages 8 and up of all races to submit headshot and resumes for consideration. At this time there is no pay associated with these roles but actors with major roles will receive IMDB credit. To apply for a role, email with name, age, resume if you have one, all contact information and your headshots.

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