Delivery Drivers Looking For Lead ActorsThere is a non-union short film called “Delivery Drivers” that is looking to cast some upcoming roles. The film is by Steven L. Hall and will be shot in Belmont, NC this April. Casting directors are looking to fill several roles in the film. They are asking actors to self tape auditions and send them in. They are looking to fill the following roles: Ryan: 18-30-year-old male. Bright and cocky, this young man must have leadership qualities, and good looks, not to be outmatched by his often-foolish arrogance and poor decision-making. He has great intentions, but often finds himself at the butt of a joke. Pay $25/day. Brillow: 18-25-year-old male. A stoner with an arrogant attitude, he feels like the world owes him something while he just sort of flows on through life. He has aspirations of greatness that often make it nowhere because of his habitual marijuana habit. Pay $25/day. Brent: 18-25-year-old male. A stoner who is a laid back dude and loves heavy metal rock. Often times he will be seen letting his long hair rock out or quietly selling dope to his coworkers. He doesn’t let the little things bother him. Pay $25/day.

They are also looking to find actors for the roles of: Bud: 18-25-year-old male. The definition of a true stoner, nothing to generally say, and usually sits in the back of a crowd, the guy that you always find crashing on your couch eating your leftover food. Although he works, 90% of it goes toward weed. Pay $20/day. Cal: 20-28-year-old male. The slimy used car salesman wannabe still lives at home and, instead of getting a job, hangs out with his pot buddies at The Pizza Place. He is a true fast talker and gets himself out of (or into) any jam with his mouth. Pay $20/day. Steph: 20-30-year-old female. A quiet amazon of a woman tends to keep to herself and only speak up when there is need for competition. An open lesbian, she doesn’t let her sexuality define her, yet feels like she needs to fit in as one of the guys. Pay $20/day. Traci: 18-22-year-old female. An over sexed redneck teenager, Traci isn’t afraid to show off a body part or two to get what she wants. She is often rude to the customers and doesn’t give a care what people think about her. Pay $20/day. Luke: 18-25-year-old male. A devout Christian and model for foolish innocence, Luke will speak his mind when it comes time for someone who he feels is “morally corrupt”. He has a good heart that leads him away from the evils of the world. Pay $20/day. Pritchard: 25-40-year-old male. The true definition of a “life long fuck up”, he has popped, smoked, and snorted, just about anything he could get his hands on and it shows. Indifferent and lazy, he usually ends up being the butt of a joke. Pay $20/day.

If you’re interested in submitting, please go ahead and TAPE AUDITION with appropriate sides, uploaded to a private YOU TUBE link, Dropbox, etc. You can get the sides and office breakdown at – Send to the casting team, along with headshot/resume and reel if you have, to: Please put name of character you’re submitting for in subject line of email. All Submissions due by Friday, April 8th so don’t delay!

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