Acting is considered to be one of the most exciting creative arts, but at the same time exhausting. The best thing about it is that there are numerous avenues where qualified actors have an opportunity to pursue easily from commercials to theatres. It is important to note that the idea of finding acting jobs requires dedication, discipline and commitment. Without these three aspects, your search may be futile since you will end up giving up easily.

If you are in college or at an university, ensure that you participate in a theater arts program for acting. This is important as you will be able to develop skills and audition monologues that will be included in your vitae. After leaving school, college or university, ensure that you continue your education as an actor. For instance, you can choose to take some acting classes from a venue in your locality. You will have a chance of intermingling with other qualified performers and this will provide you with an opportunity to meet other professionals.

The number of people who “dream” of being a professional actor are in the millions. There are no official statistics published regarding the number of people who actively pursue acting jobs over the course of a given year, however the number is likely in the upper hundreds of thousands worldwide. This is a staggering number considering that there are roughly 50,000 acting jobs in a year, mostly comprising of small one-day roles. This figure also includes actors who worked on cruise lines, theme parks, summer festivals, and other non-film and television jobs.

Kids all over the country dream of making it big in show business. While acting jobs can be hard to land, it is possible to break into this difficult field by answering a call for a Disney Channel acting audition. Many of today’s hottest young entertainers got their start from a Disney Channel acting audition. Though there are sometimes hundreds, or even thousands of people competing for just a few spots, this has been the big break that boosted the career of many performers.

The easiest way to land a Disney Channel acting audition is through an agent. They are made aware of current calls and will have the specifics of the open roles available. It is much easier for inexperienced actors and actresses to get themselves noticed by using an agent than attempting to land these highly sought after roles on their own. While there are ways of getting a Disney Channel acting audition on your own, this is the simplest route.

There is a common myth regarding talent agents that work exclusively with Disney Channel to book talent for the network’s television series and movies. It is very important for actors to understand how the casting process works and television networks relationship with talent agents.

Many aspiring actors who dream of performing on Disney Channel have a misconception that there are talent agents who are either affiliated with the network or have exclusive relationships with the casting directors to hire actors. This is simply not the case.

Let’s start with how the casting process work in the entertainment industry regardless of the network or studio involved. Executives give the “green light” for TV shows and movies to be produced. Then the production company of the project hires casting directors, who in turn send out “breakdowns” of the characters being cast. These “breakdowns” actually are sent out by a service called “Breakdown Services” and are only available to licensed Talent Agencies.

The agents then submit photos, resumes, and sometimes “demo-reels” to the casting directors. The casting directors call in the actors that fit the roles they are casting, usually many many actors are called in. They then narrow down the talent to the best actors who came in and “call back” these actors to read again for the director, sometimes the writer, producer, etc. Then they narrow it down further, and sometimes there are 3 – 4 “call backs” before an actor is finally hired.

Occasionally a casting director will call in an actor who sends a photo and resume on their own without an agent. Some casting directors have assistants who sort through the mail and some do it themselves. When you are called to audition, you are given “sides” which is a few pages of script to read. You can usually download these lines a few days before the audition. Sometimes they have you do a “cold reading” where you are given the sides right there and then.

When you arrive, you sign in at the receptionist’s desk; wait in the front office usually with several other actors. When they call you in, you sit down and have a brief conversation with the CD. It is best to ask them a few questions about the script, project, role, etc., before they bring it up! And that is it. If you get a “call back” it is usually within a week, generally speaking.

Any talent agent can submit their actors to Disney Channel, and the network will call in actors regardless of who represents them, as long as the actor fits the character description. Indeed there are a few top-level agencies that only represent major stars, and may have several stars of a particular network on their roster. But there is no such thing as a “Disney Channel Agency”.


  1. esperanza faith delgado says:

    Hi i’m 13 years old. I really want to start my acting career. I have this script called ” Student of the Week “. I practice it with my friends and family everyday. Well give me a chance please.

  2. Ashanti says:

    Hey my name is Nyiona and i just wanted to tell you guys that i have always want to be an actor all my life and i just wish that u guys would. accepet me and i don’t have much experience. and i hope and wish that u guys call me at (910)290-8027 and thank you guys so much and i just wabted to tell u one more thing about me i just want to persue my dreams and live my life as an actress and once again thank u so much if you guys let me get this opportunity.

  3. Jordan says:

    Im Jordan i am a female at age 12. I loveacting and i even got the most likely to win a ocar award in my class. Last year i started and succsesfully ran a drama club at my school. I am blonde and have the most pretty blue eyes. Hope you give me a chance.
    Thank You!

  4. Christina Capek says:

    Hi my name is Christina. I am 11 years old and love acting singing and creating. I have always loved to act ever since I was little. I Also started singing when i was 4. And I’ve always loved to create. I hope you write me back and I would like to be your next Disney star 🙂

  5. Ava Place says:

    Hi. My name is Ava. I love to act. But I would love to be on a tv show where you sing.
    That is what I want to be a singer. And I know million of kids say this but trust me
    when I say this I am good at it and passionate to. If this helps contact me my dad.
    If u ever needed a extra or a main character on a tv show I am always open. Thank you

  6. Dante Rivera says:

    My name is Dante. I love to act its my passion.I have been in three of my Broadway Jr. Middle school plays (musicals). And im sure that you hear this a lot but I’ve been dreaming about seeing myself on television since I was a child, I love to make people smile I love to see the expression on their faces to know that I made them laugh.if you give me a chance I’m sure that I would impress you. I love acting so much that last week me and a couple friends wrote our own little script. It was a lot of fun
    Thank you

  7. Dante Rivera says:

    Blue eyes
    Brown hair
    Straight clean teeth
    Sorry I left this out in the last post
    Thanks again

  8. Dante Rivera says:

    And im 13
    Sorry again im just very tried
    And if I get a chance I would like to act on Disney channel

  9. Kaylee says:

    Hi I’m kaylee I’m 11 and I want to pursue my acting career I love singing I write songs I love acting I do plays every chance I get please give me a chance u can email me I would be very happy for an opportunity to be an actress thanks for reading my comment!

  10. Mya says:

    My name is Mya. And yea I do love acting it’s actually something I’m really good at singing is another thing but I just really put my heart into all of those things because that’s what I love!
    I’ve never really gotten a chance to act and sing infront of stages or I’ve never had an agent and I know I won’t have one because even though i want one it’s just too hard !
    I don’t beg to get what I want.. I just wait ! But yea I’ve waited most of my life and I can keep doing that because I know I’m going to make it one day and if I don’t at least I tried
    I go through at lot.. I’m always busy since I can’t afford singing classes I do it at home by myself
    I write scripts sometimes and just practice my acting.. I know you guys don’t know me and probably don’t think I’m good but I know I’m good and I can prove it anytime .. My name is Mya and I’m 13 years old

  11. Analycia Alice Harris says:

    Hello, my name is Alice Harris. But I prefer Alice. I am 13 years old. i just want to say that i really love acting. when i was about 10 years old i was different from all the other kids. I was shorter and skinnier, and they made fun of me for it. That year we were doing a play and i decided to try. When i got up on that stage and started to portray my character and how she felt, all the names the other girls and boys called me faded. I felt as i could do anything. That is why i want to be an actor. i really appreciate your time you took out of your day to read this. I hope you consider me.

    ~ Alice Harris ~

  12. Julia gunner says:

    I probably will sound like any other 13 year old that has some fantasy of being famous, but I have wanted this since I was 7. Honestly, in those 6 in a half years there has never been a doubt in my mind. There is no back up plan. I am determined to fulfill my dream. I’m in an advanced choir & I have been in several plays. I would really appreciate a chance to get to audition for anything.

  13. tommy says:

    I like acting I’m 14 and I luv playing pretend its cool but I think its time to step up and Disney channel skits look so FUN I wanna try it

  14. Madison Agee says:

    Hi, my name is Madison Agee. I am a 13 year old female. I love acting. I forget all about drama when I’m acting. I fill like I’m the only one there and acting is my life. Thank you so much!

  15. Ai-yana says:

    Hey,guys I’m Ai-yana I’m a girl and I’m 12 years old in the 7th grade I’m from harlan Kentucky I have always wanted to act since I could talk me and my sister would put on plays and I have tried and tried to get into drama and they cancelled the whole thing so I couldn’t I cried and cried I really want any part it don’t matter what it is but I have tried to be able to sing and I’m not really good my parents say I’m bad and everything and we don’t have that much money and I hope u all give me a chance plz.!

  16. Amira Mitchell says:

    I love to sing and singing is my life. With out music my life would be dull. Just give me a chances in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  17. Chrishon Allen says:

    I am Chrishon Allen. I’m 13 years old. I have a passion for acting and I would love to start.

  18. kendrick says:

    I wanted to become a actor. I love acting. I love Rowan from Girl Meets World. Just help me out because I want to go with Roman Blanchard and the only way she going to know me as an actor, Im just playing see I was acting.I can do ny dream of acting.

  19. Sheriyah says:

    Hi my name is sheriyah I love making people laugh and to be happy I tryed to get in acting and modeling my whole life since I was 7 years old but now I’m 12 I have hazel eyes and brown hair I watch Disney channel every single day and I always think one day hopefully I become an actress and bye me and my family a stable home. So maybe this will probably be the jenie and I’ll have 3 wishes ,1 to have people laugh and have fun ,2 to buy my family a stable home ,3 to be a star

  20. darlene says:

    hello I am Darlene. I am 11 years old and I would love to be actor from Disney channel because Disney channel is part of me

  21. Elsy Martinez says:

    Hello, my name is Elsy Martinez. I am 14 years old. I’m learning how to sing, I started acting when I was 5 years old in school plays, and I have been acting in every play in school.
    I hope you can give me a chance.
    Thank you.

  22. Kayla says:

    hi my name is kayla I am 10 I have blond hair and blue eyes I personally think I will be great because I read non-stop and because my hole life is based on acting so please write back and I will be your next actress please and thank u I would love to work on Disney Channel I think I will be great im also very good at remembering stuff anything well please write back

  23. malebogo says:

    Hello my name is malebogo and i would like you guys to give me a chance to express my talent p

  24. Aaliyah Rucker says:

    My name is aaliyah R sole and I luv acting and my fav. Actor selena gomez and my fav. Color is green and I went to alot of acting classesi really want a career in it

  25. skie says:

    i really wont this job it has bin my bream ever since i was little and i can sing to please can i have this job i have a face book so u can text me on it its skie mathewson its the first one i think and my name is skie mathewson

  26. Kelly Roberts says:

    My name is Kelly and I am applying for this job because this has been my dream since I was little to be that girl that everyone wants to be on T.V .To be admired. To be looked up on I would like to thank you guys for giving me an opportunity to make my dream come true.

    I can sing I’ve been singing since I was 2
    I can dance I was able to pick up my sisters high school dance by just watching
    I can act I can make myself fake cry
    And I can have big dreams that might be able to come true cause I’m on this website
    Thank you guys for putting in your time to read this and thank you guys for your consideration

  27. angelmarie says:

    Name angel Marie
    Hair color brown
    Age 11
    Birthday Dec 14 2002
    Born in Yuma, Arizona
    love music
    Suck at math
    Love 5 sos
    Like to sing
    Slow runner
    In love with reading fan fiction
    Favorite game is mafia
    Okay looking I guess
    Mom’s name is Michelle ouk dad’s name is Jason Suggs
    Sister Marissa hernandez other sister Vanessa Suggs
    brother is Jason Wesley Suggs
    Now I live in TX
    And I’ve like been trying to get auditions for shows and movies
    For awhile now.
    Oh and I talk a lot and I make things awkward sometimes


  28. mikah says:

    i am 13yrs old and i really want this chane and i will do any disney show avaliable and my singing skills are excelent hope an agent in columbus ohio sees this and will be my agent for FREE and will just help me be me and get what i need

  29. Michael Williame says:

    My name is Michael Williams, I am 14 years old, I am in the ninth grade, and I would really love to be a part of Disney Channel. I think it would be a very great opportunity to have and I would be grateful. I hope you take consideration into my application.

  30. Aylin Mendez says:

    Hi im aylin mendez im 11&half id id really hope to start my acting career and i think the best place to start that is Disney channel please give me a call please consider me

  31. Kellie says:

    Ilove to act call me
    And i am 11

  32. Kya Findley says:

    Hi my name is Kya Findley and I’m 12 and in the first year of middle school which is 7th for me, my dream is to have an acting career that I can preform with other nice people from Disney, and I love to sing I’ve never been called a bad singer or actris so i would be anoured to be a part of Disney

  33. Kya Findley says:

    Age: 12
    Hair color: blond but gonna die it brown soon
    Talent: acting/singing
    Favorite show: girl meets world
    Siblings: 3
    Eye color: sometimes blue sometimes green
    Ethinticness: cacassion
    Money: poor
    Friends: many
    Caretakers: mother and grandmother
    Well that’s it thanks for reviewing and please help me and make me a part of Disney I will travel any were I have to

  34. Sarah McBorough says:

    Hi as you can see my names sarah im 11 years old im a great singer and dancer.I love too act and i like fashion.My hobbies are hanging out with friends and family,basketball,acting,singing, rapping ,and dancing.Im very tall not as tall but tall .MY personality is funny,crazy,happy,and learning.

  35. Joel says:

    Im from South Africa but me and my family are moving to New York because my father has a job there so now I can look for Disney channel auditions please give me a chance
    Age 11
    Gender male
    Hobbies swimming acting making jokes doing crazy stuff and playing rugby
    Tegu tines cacassion

  36. maya says:

    hi my name Is Maya Ramos I bake, act, draw, model ,sing, and dance I am 11 years old my birthday is on febuary 5th and would like my dream come true to be on tv and stay on tv

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