Dream$ville TV Series Looking for ActorsThe television series Dream$ville is now casting a Chinese or Cantonese man who can speak Mandarin. The series will be filming in Houston, Texas from July 9th through August 31st. The show says there are plenty of stories that capture the phenomenon that makes America one of the most desirable places to live the Dream. Consequently, such attributes makes America one of the most common grounds for drug trafficking in the world with many gangs and cartels. With two of the city’s top detectives tracking their every move, the crime bosses must strategically plan their moves like a game of chess. Watch as these three families fight for power and money as they risk their freedom, sanity and lives, all for the American Dream.

Casting directors are looking to cast someone for the role of Peter Cho (Age 50+, Chinese or Cantonese and Mandarin Speaking, 2 days of filming) – Peter Cho is a very powerful man in the city. He built his criminal empire at the age of 22 and quickly became one of the cities most feared men. As time has passed Cho’s health has declined and so has some of the fear he once instilled in the city. Peter knows that his days are numbered and his greatest wish is that his legacy will succeed him. He has raised his only grandchild, Alice to be his successor. As he gets closer to his fate he begins to create a shield that will protect Alice and his Empire long after his demise. This is a paid project. The role of Peter will film for two days. Candidates must be able to submit a video audition. The selected actor will also receive film credit, meals, snacks and beverages. Submissions will be accepted until 06/01/2016. Please only submit if you are able to speak either of the Chinese dialects. They are only looking for Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas actors.

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