Feature Film Love In Progress Looking for ActorsCasting directors are now looking for paid actors to be in the upcoming feature film “Love in Progress”. The movie is set to shoot in Austin, Texas from October 17th through December 10th. The movie is about a young girl, Sophie, who goes off to college with her boyfriend, Lucas. They have been together for 2 years and everything seems to be going according to plan. However, soon after she arrives at school, she meets a girl, Alex, who opens her mind to exciting and unfamiliar experiences. She is now curious about a life she once thought was taboo, and through that curiosity she is forced to confront her deep inner conflicts to find out who she really is.

Casting directors are looking for an actress to play the role of Sophie – (18-23) 5’2-5’8 Morally conservative, religious, smart/educated. Logical, almost calculated type of thinking. However, her very sheltered and nurtured upbringing has left her with a slightly close-minded outlook on life. They also need an actress to play the role of Alex – (20-26) 5’5-5’10 Morally liberal, smart/educated. However, she did not have a stable family environment during her childhood and this experience has caused her to try to always see the good in life. Although, Her childhood pain can clearly be experienced through the tone of her writing. The last role they are looking to film is for Lucas: (18-23) 5’10-6’3 Morally Conservative, religious, smart/educated. He had a family environment much like Sophie, sheltered and guarded, for the majority of his childhood. He is very confident and sure of himself in most areas of his life.

This is a paid shoot and chosen actors will also receive film credit, DVD copy of the movie, snacks and beverages as long as transportation. If you fit a role and would like to be considered, please email LoveInProgressFilm@gmail.com with your name, contact information, headshot and resume. Submissions will be accepted until 10/01/2016. The casting call states these roles will require a high level of commitment and effort. They are wanting to reach back out to serious potential candidates as soon as possible so they can lock down our leads and get pre-production activities moving along. Also, please note your upcoming availability in as much detail as possible.

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