Feature Film Luciano Looking For Male ActorsThe independent film company Hipolitical Development is shooting their feature film “Luciano”. They are looking for actors for an upcoming scene in the film. The film will be shooting in Mount Airy, North Carolina. It is scheduled to begin filming this summer (no dates have been confirmed yet, they are still in the planning stages). Luciano is a film about a computer programmer who gets tired of every day life and uses a credit card database to fund a revolution. We have a scene where the main character is at work and he needs some co-workers!

They are looking for Asian and Middle Eastern actors who are local to Mount Airy. They are looking for actors to play Chin and Yong who are both Asian computer programmers. They are requesting that actors have an accent for the Chin role. Yong doesn’t have a speaking role so no accent is okay. They are also looking for a Middle Eastern actor to play the role of Ahmad who is a programmer as well. They would also like this actor to have an accent. The shoot is non-paid, but film credit and meals will be provided. This will be a great way to build your reel and also to network for future opportunities.

If you would like to be considered, email hipoliticaltv@gmail.com with your photos, contact number, location, reel or footage link (if you have it). People able to demonstrate their accent abilities will be considered above those who don’t submit any details highlighting that area we are after. You can view the company’s work at www.hipolitical.com.

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