Film The Run Looking For ActorsCasting the independent film, “The Run”. The short film will run 5-8 minutes. They are looking for both male and female talent to fill several upcoming roles. They are looking for a female who is in her 20’s who crosses the border looking for the American dream. She is running to forget how she crossed the river.

They are also casting a male or female to play the role of Rudy. They are also looking for the following roles: Pollero who is a coyote and smuggler she helps peopel to cross the border from Mexico illegally to the United States. She is psychotic, she doesn’t like what she does, but does it for the money. Female 1: She only wants to cross the river to be reunited with her family that was left when she was deported to Mexico. She is desperate to see them and gets captured by the Minuteman after swimming the river with Maria. Minuteman :American, he is a cowboy. He speaks with a heavy southern accent. He is racist. He became part of the Minuteman to hunt down illegals and stop them by any means from crossing the border. He hates illegals and will do anything to stop them from coming into the country. Maria’s Husband 20-40’s any race. He loves Maria and runs with her to show his love to her.

The possible shoot dates will only Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5 to 8pm (depending on your character). The film is set to start shooting on March 29th and will wrap on or before April 21st. If this sounds like a film you would like to try-out for then email with your photo, resume and contact information. You may also send a text or video of previous work to the email listed or to 305-924-5766. They will need a lot of extras for one of the scenes so they are accepting actors of all ages. The shoot will be taking place in Miami, Florida. It is a non-paid shoot and the casting team is only accepting non-union talent. Short films are always good to add to your reel and to gain experience. Since the shoots are relatively short, you are able to showcase different characters and your range of acting by participating in many short films.

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