The Internet is a crowded place with plenty of acting jobs for kids available. The trick, however, is being able to tell if the jobs listed are of quality and legitimate. Two things to look out for here:

First, some acting job listing sites will require a monthly membership fee to access the listings or to submit your child. A few of the big players charge a membership fee so you can’t immediately rule these out. Your best bet is to do your due diligence by reading carefully through the claims on their website. If they have a trial period, take it. If they have a customer service number or email address, contact them with questions regarding the success rate of their members and quality of their listings.

Follow this up with an Internet search of the company name. Type it into Google and see what others have experienced with them.

You should also visit message boards that discuss the topic or list acting roles for kids. Ask around, trust your instinct and you should do јust fine with this one.

Second, whether you find acting jobs through a membership site or listed for free, you’ll need to determine whether the company is making false claims to scam you out of money. Some of the more common tricks to look out for involve getting you to shell out unnecessary money on additional classes or for photos from providers they are affiliated with.

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