Girl From Compton Looking for ExtrasThe upcoming movie about R&B artist Michel’e is now casting extras. The movie is filming in Cincinnati, Ohio. Deadline reports that, Rhyon Nicole Brown will star as the singer who dated Dr. Dre’s for more than 10 years before marrying Death Row Records founder Suge Knight. “The film will capture her journey from the streets of Compton, including her experience with Death Row Records and her relationships with founders Dr. Dre and Suge Knight, described as ‘one of fame, abuse and ultimately, survival and triumph,’ ” said Kristen Schlotman, Greater Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Film Commission executive director.

Casting directors are looking to fill several extra roles in the movie. For July 27th they are seeking AA Male with no facial hair and if you have tattoo’s that have to be able to be covered by wardrobe to play patrons and AA Females to play patrons. For July 28th:4 AA younger males with cars 1990 or older, 2 18-25 Males any ethnicity, 3 ND Bus Passangers and 3 ND Street Pedestrians. For July 29th: 3 male onlookers with Car 1990 or older, 1 Female onlooker with car 1990 or older, 1 Caucasian Police Officer, 2 AA Death row Females, 4 AA Death Row Homeboys, 5 AA Males to play Guest of Suge Knight, 5 AA Females to play Guest of Suge Knight, 2 Caucasian Male IRS Agents and 2 any ethnicity Male IRS Agents. For July 30th: 2 AA Female Death Row, 2 AA Male Death Row Homeboys, 1 Snoop Dog look alike from 1990’s, 1 Bass Player and 1 Drummer.

If interested please email Angela at with your name, recent photos, phone number and where you are located. You should put the date you are available in the subject line of the email.  If you are local to the area and would like to be considered, submit today asap!

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