How To Become A ComedianSo, you think you are funny? You can be a comedian if you have skills to make people laugh through your words as well as your actions. If you have ever desired to be a comedian and have guts to face people through stage and make them laugh then this article will be a true guide for you to become a successful comedian one day.  

Develop your social skills

If you want to be a good comedian you should know the attitude of the people in a particular situation by moving among them. You will have to learn how to move among lots of people to attract them through your speaking skills and gestures. You will have to develop a hygienic and clean personality to attract others while meeting them. You should learn the skills to accept all types of people by keeping your attitude universal.

Socialize as much as you can

You will have to socialize if you want to be a popular comedian. You should learn to feel comfortable even between lots of people around you. You may find it difficult but there is no short cut for it. You should have funny jokes if you want to make others laugh on them otherwise it is better to keep quiet. If you have a good joke, go for it, say it, socialize being funny. You will have to attract the attention of the audiences by doing certain formal or informal performances or speeches. Just keep in mind that your performances or speeches should not annoy the listeners. You should be center of focus of the audience for a few minutes and that can be difficult to accomplish. Try at the right time and the right situation for a few minutes and feel comfortable among audiences. If you are really funny, you will be demanded by people little by little.

Learn funny stories and jokes

You should start learning funny jokes and stories if you have succeeded to establish yourself in your social settings. You can learn them from joke books, videos of stand up comedians, from the situations that may make you laugh and current events at TV, newspapers, etc. You should be able to develop situational jokes from the surroundings you are in to perform. Finding jokes that fit your personality or the situation will also help you in attracting others’ attention. You should understand the potentiality of different jokes and deliver them as per the demand of the situation.

Test your potential

If you have made yourself ready with social settings and lots of jokes then you should test your potential by participating in a suitable situation among the people known to you. Your attitude towards your audience will make you popular. If you tried to be in focus excessively or offended your audience by shouting, you will annoy them instead of attracting them. Your jokes must be able to make your audience laugh naturally. It is better if they are short as long jokes may distract your audience from you. Your gestures and tone of voice should be natural while telling jokes to the audience as if you are actually presenting the situation on stage. Keep smiling with your head upright during the time you are on stage as this will enlighten your personality before the audience.

Create your own unique jokes

By the time you have more experience telling others’ jokes you should start creating your own unique jokes based on your experiences and other situations. Do not try to complicate your jokes. Observe the jokes through which you have been attracting your audience till now. Complex and long jokes usually distract people from you. Your jokes should be original, short and simple but potent enough to make people laugh abruptly. Moreover, avoid looking funny all the time as it may also annoy people. Your gestures and tone can make them laugh through your nice and simple jokes, even if you are dressed in normal clothes.

You can be a successful comedian if you have potential and the strong desire to become a good one.

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