I Love Crime TV Show Needs GroupsWho doesn’t love a good crime television show? Do you spend your time watching Investigation Discovery? Do love to watch crime shows like 48 Hours, Homicide Hunter, 20/20, See No Evil? If so, here is your chance to use your love of crime shows for a new show yourself!

Do you think you often know “who did it” before the case has been solved in your favorite TV program? Can you binge watch real-life murder-mystery stories on TV? Do you scream back at your television when something goes wrong. . . or Right? If so, this is the casting call for you!

An award winning production company is now looking for couples, groups, family members and colleagues for a new show. They are seeking small groups of women & men (2-4 people per group) who appear ages 18-85+ and are crime television enthusiasts. Groups should be well-versed in crime-related programming on TV and be able to articulate/predict possible crime scenarios/theories. All candidates must be comfortable expressing their opinions freely on camera. Comedians are welcome. This is a non-paid shoot. The casting team is looking for applicants in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

If you want the chance to show the world that you can solve the crime shows you watch, email justin@vpetalent.com. You should send over your photos, what type of group you are (family, co-workers, couples etc), your name, contact information and a brief description of why would you like to be considered for the show.

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