Jessie - The Disney Channel

Jessie – The Disney Channel

One of the Disney Channel’s (and television in general’s) most popular sitcoms of the millennium has been picked up for another wild and wacky season and casting calls for a number of fantastic roles for performers of all ages are just around the corner. Jessie starring multi-talented rising star Debby Ryan has had an all new batch of hilarious episodes everywhere and interested actors can submit themselves today for consideration for a host of parts of all sizes.

Jessie features Ryan (in her second Disney hit following The Suite Life on Deck) as Jessie Prescott, a small town Texas girl who one day sets out to fulfill her dreams of moving to the Big Apple. Upon her arrival in New York City she quickly finds what she thinks will be an easy job – a nanny for one of the richest families in the city. Jessie soon realizes that nothing is truly easy and keeping tabs on the Ross

‘ four rambunctious children can get a bit hectic. Each week millions of adoring viewers around the globe are treated to all new madcap adventures that this new family finds themselves in and the one of a kind humor that only Jessie can deliver. Joining the fabulous Ryan in this all-star cast are a group of fan favorites lead by Peyton List as Emma Ross, Karan Brar as Ravi Ross, Cameron Boyce as Luke Ross, Skai Jackson as Zuri Ross and the lovable Kevin Chamberlin as the family’s butler, Bertram. This new season will find all new characters interacting with the Ross clan and all new opportunities for actors to be a part of the Disney family.

Auditions for Jessie will be held soon and continue throughout the season. Interested actors can apply today for available roles by heading here for more information on the project and by sending emails here backgroundservices@centralcasting. More updates to come so check back and leave a message and tell us why you love the show and why you want to be cast in Jessie.


  1. kylei says:

    I love the show so much huge fan plus I’m great at acting

  2. Alyssa Mclin says:

    Hi I’m Alyssa I’m 13 years old and I love Denny Ryan she my favorite and I would like to be and actress on the set of jessie

  3. Ashanti says:

    My name is ashanti and i really want to be apart of the show cause i love jessie so much and to be honest with u i dont much about acting but really will try my best at every single thing i do and if you guys let me be on the show cause it will me so much to ne cause it will show my parents that i didn’t give up on my dreams to be an actor thank you guys so and when i get up their if you guys tell me i made it i will do everything i need to once again thank you so much.

  4. Leslie salazar says:

    I love disney channel and it’s been my dream to be in a show and just stand In front of the camera saying “hi I’m leslie and you’re watching disney channel” I still remember watching “that’s so raven” and”lizzie mcguire” those were my favourite shows back then since then acting was my dream I’ve had experience in plays in church.
    My name is leslie Salazar I’m 13 years old trying to accomplish my dream

  5. Makaila smith says:

    Hi my name is makaila and im 12 going on 13. The reason I want to be on jessie is because my family is having money problems and I want to try to help in any way I can amd I started by looking for auditions. I like dancing, riding my bikr, and playing with babies!

  6. isaac verduzco says:

    Hi I am a huge fan I love the show and I am a good at acting it is the one thing I like.

  7. Smile says:

    Debby Ryan if you are reading this I now you are a nice person so please please please can I act on jessie please I’m begging you please it is my dream so will you I’m begging you

  8. Christina Capek says:

    Hi I’m Christina I love acting singing and creating. I have loved to act ever since I was little. I have loved to sing ever since I was 4. And I have always loved to create. I hope you please write me back because i would like to be your next Disney star:)

  9. Maleah Ndiaye says:

    How about ob special new show on Jessie zuris sister get adopted

  10. Kalan Matheney says:

    Hi, my name is Kalan Matheney . I am very interested in being on Jessie . Your show is very fantastic and, I would like to be on Jessie & meet your cast members. Thank and have a blessful day.

  11. Alyssa Murphy says:

    Hi my name is Alyssa Murphy I’m 11 years old and I’ve really been interested in acting and I’m pretty good at it too I really like all the Disney shows and I’d really like to audition for one of them

  12. Matthew Jenkins says:

    Hi I love to act and I was wondering if I can cast in Jessie as on of the Ross’s brother

  13. Abigale Hurt says:

    Hi my name is Abigale I am 13 years old and I would really like to audition because I am a really good actor and I love this show so much and it has always been my dream to be on disney channel.

  14. Melissa Rodriguez says:

    Hey my names Melissa or Mely for short
    All the comments say the same thing, but i honestly would
    Love to give this shot and hope i get a call back from jessie, i watch it all the time.
    I kinda know all the lines from different episodes.

  15. Shakira Ramos says:

    I am 16, I’ve been watching Disney channel ever since I was 4. I enjoyed all the TV shows. I still watch Disney and Jessie is my favorite one (: I’ve always wanted to be on tv. And say. I’m shakira. From …… And you’re watching Disney channel

  16. kendrick says:

    I love the show.

  17. Aaliyah Rucker says:

    I would luv to be a guess star in jessie because I really luv it

  18. Zoe Mackey says:

    i want to me on Jessie because i want see want cast is like and because i love zuri and some people say i look like ski Jackson and i want to see if they are right about that and i think zuri would to and because i am a really really really really really really big fan of the hole cast. Please please please let me be on Jessie.Plus it is my dream and please please please don’t crush it

  19. Deja Bernoudy says:

    HELLO!!!!! Hahah I’m Deja Bernoudy, I’m 13 years old! I love acting, singing, Modeling, and I could catch on to choreography real good. I’ve always wanted to be famous. I’m not bragging AT ALL but I have muti-talents! And I would LOVE to be noticeed!!

  20. Rosa Martinez says:

    I would love to be on jessi. Jessi is a
    funny and great show. But I do act a lot sometimes anyways I’m rosa Martinez 11 years old looking forward to be in jessi

  21. Claire henderson says:

    Hi my name is Claire. I never miss a episode of Jessie. Me and my cousins put plays together and do them. My school does a play every year and I’m always in it! Acting is something I feel passionate about. I would love a chance to audition. Thank you so much for reading this I really appreciate it! Even if I don’t get it I will still work on my dream!!!


  22. klaire sizemore says:

    My name is Klaire Sizemore and I would love to be cast in Jessie. I am a spunky and energetic 10 year old who has had 5 years of ballet, tap, and jazz lessons. If possible I would love to have a speaking role. I have been in many plays which all included about a 100 person audience. Please consider me I would try hard and never give up.

  23. Victoria Aubert says:

    Hi i’m victoria i’m 12 and acting is my life i love jessie and i think you should give me a chance to be on if you do you will not be disapointed

  24. frank says:

    I love this show because like the acting is so good and the director did a great job on the bacgroud.i reason.I want to cast on here is because i want to try something new and do my best and follow my dream.So give me a call.216-860-5018 give me a call and i will do my best.BYE

  25. Chandler Duarte says:

    Hey there producers my name is Chandler Duarte(await you already knew that)! Anyways I love the show Jessie and everyone’s really funny and has a great personality! Thank you soo much for this opportunity and I would be honored to be CHOSEN!!!

  26. kambria says:

    I would like to play on Jessie everybody is so great on the show ot looks like they have alot offun and enjoy what they do. Im 15years old i always saw myself entertaining people and little kids and teens look up to me i like to sing,actand dance. I would be a a wonderful experience to be on jessie. Love you guys.

  27. Joselin says:

    hey! Well I would love to be on Jessie And I hope I can one day be a part of it !

  28. Saadiq Richardson says:

    hi my name is saadiq Richardson. I am not too much concerned about getting a full part in the show. I can be extra. or I can have a part in the show for no pay I just want to show my face for now.. I have special skills, my skills are martial arts. I’ve been doing it since I was 3, I am 15 now. hope you give me a chance thanks a lot…

  29. Julia Beseiso says:

    Hello my name is julia I am 10 years old and I would like to be on disney . My dream is to be an actress and I would really really would love to be on disney channel it’s my dream. I always love to act and it would be a dream come true if I would be on jessie I love you Debby Ryan.I live in Salt Lake City, Utah

  30. Annabelle Mooney says:

    I’ve had experience and live right below the casting area.
    I could be at any audition at anytime.

  31. Rachael Perez says:

    Hey,I’m Rachael I’m 13 and I really want to be a part of acting because it’s my dream and I am that one person that would be unique and a one of a kind person I hope you guys could give me a headstart in the acting career,Thanks

  32. Shacktty Herandez says:

    Hey my name is shacktty am 13 years i live in los Angeles CA and i love acting. I love to see jessie with my cousins and i think that I sould be on it because am really good at acting and I know that I will do really good if am acting with more kids because I would feel like I was talking to my friend. Jessie is a good experience and i hope that I have a chance to be on it.
    Hight 5″2
    Hair light brown
    Eyes black
    <3 <3 (~:

  33. Marquis McKinney says:

    Hi my name is marquis I love acting. My school has plays and I’m always in it please don’t take it the wrong way I’m not bragging or anything I just would really like a chance to be on tv even if not in every episode please give me a call

  34. Amber says:

    I’ve never been a fan of Jesse I’m not going to kiss up to you to get a ticket to broadway. I am simply saysing that I love acting and have some experience, I don’t want to go meet the guy who plays Luke I want a part because I love acting its a passion anyway if you want my résumé or head shots then email me.

  35. Xoya David says:

    Hi i am xoya david ,i am 11 years old i am a Guyaniese and i just moved to to brooklyn new york i love singing and acting and i love fashion i would love to be chosen i would help my family back home in Guyana please i realy need this

  36. Jasmine Wright says:

    Hello my name is Jasmine I am eight years old. I want to be apart of the show bevause I looovvvee the show I watch it all the time. I know almost every line to some of the shows. I dance, sing, and I can act. I love to make people laugh I always make my friends and family laugh. I would love to be apart of the acting world it is my biggest dream. Thank you. Sincerely Jasmine!

  37. Anne-Marie Campos says:

    Hi! My name is Anne-Marie I’m turning 13 October1. I live in the state of Illinois. My special skills are dance and comedy. I wanted to be an actress since forever. Leah Remini is my idol and has inspired me to act. I wanna be as successful ad her. I wanna be on “Jessie” because I think I would fit in great and I always wanted to meet a star. I think acting on tv would open a lot of doors for me in the acting world. Pleaded consider picking me! 🙂

  38. Ayia Rashid says:

    Hi i am 14 and i love acting, i have tried to fined casting calls and auditions since i was 8 years old i love acting i have always wanted to be an actor as long as i rember and i love jessie its my favorite show on disney please email me.

  39. crystalsue Baldwin says:

    Hi my name is crystalsue and I am 11 I really love acting I got my inspiration from this tv show in 2010 and I decided I wanted to be exactly like that so I started acting

  40. Azure says:

    Hi my name is azure which I want to be an actor im act like camron boyce I know how to dance I wanted to be an actor for my whole life I really love Peyton list,Debby ryan,and skai Jackson and I wish I had a butler tony is so cool and brooks is cool to and kevin charblin and I love the teachers in Jessie which is skai Jackson teacher please call me thanks love you guys to but i wanted skai Jackson number for my life i always watch Jessie i don’t watch no other shows only Jessie i can wait till it come on if its not already on thanks and have a nice day.

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