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Justified is American drama series that is produced by “Graham Yost”. Graham Yost is a Canadian television and screen writer. The series is based on two novels and a story “Fire in Hole”. The two novels are “Riding of the Rap” and “Pronto”. Both these novels and short story was written by the famous author Elmore Leonardo.

Both Graham Yost and Elmore Leonardo are credited as the executive producers of this project. In United States, this drama premiered on FX network on March 16,2010 and in Canada this serial aired on Super Channel.

Justified consists of total 34 episodes and 3 seasons. As I mentioned earlier that its 1st season premiered on March 16,2010 and this season is consists of 13 episodes. Its second and third season was premiered on March 29,2011 and January 17,2012 respectively. Second and Third season is also consists of 13 episodes each. Recently on March 6,2012 its fourth season was announced that also consists of 13 episodes. The story of Justified centers around a Deputy Marshal “Raylan Givens”. Raylan is an officer who has a style like 19th-century in the modern times. His unconventional strict enforcement of the justice and honesty makes him a big target with criminals and causes some problems for his high ranking officers at the US Marshal Service.

The character Rylan Givens is played by Timothy Olyphant. The other main cast of Justified are Nick Searrcy as Art Mullen, Jaccob Pits as Timm Guttarson, Jolle Cartar as Ava Crowder, Erica Tazzel as Rachel Brooks, Walton Gogginns as Boyd Crowder and Nattalie Zea as Winonna Hawkins.

The whole series shoots in Pittsburg and Los Angeles. This show received a Peabody Award in 2010. This show is also nominated for Emmy Award. The writer of this television drama series Justified “Elmore Leonardo” ranks this serial as the best project of his life.

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  1. Reida Marie Cox says:

    I have never acted before, but I know that given the chance, I can do what is needed of me justice. Many people were told they could never act and all it tkaes is one person to listen and say ” yes”. I am 49 and live in Colorado but I am from Cincinnati , Ohio. I can do a southern voice with out thinking, I can scream very well, and would be good in a sarcasric roll but yet make people laugh or hate me. What ever it takes I am the lady for the job. i am not your statis qoue of being very thin, so hey curves are in. I can be a red headed grandma or and older sister. I look at the world in a very realistic yet comical view. I can be what you want. All I need is a “yes”

    Sincerely, Reida M. Cox

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