Katie Holmes Movie Coup D’Etat Seeking WomenKatie Holmes is now filming her new movie “Coup D’Etat” and you have a chance to be in the film! Chad Darnell Casting is seeking two women for a second unit scene that is filming in Savannah, Georgia. The film is said to follow a young rebellious girl who writes a dictator in another country for a homework assignment. The dictator gets the letter while getting overthrown by his country and he ends up on her door step in America.” The film is starring Odeya Rush, Katie Holmes and Michael Caine.

Two women who have baby strollers are now being cast along with someone with a push lawn mower. Babies are not needed for this scene, just the baby strollers. The casting team asks you submit one person at a time, please do not email as a couple or a family. If you fit the role and would like to be considered to work on the new movie, email cdcextrascasting@gmail.com.

Background actors should send in two photos. One photo should be close up so they can see your face and one photo should be a full body shot. When selecting your photos to submit, be sure you are not wearing any hats or sunglasses because the casting team needs to clearly be able to see your face and hair. Submissions should also include your name, phone number, email address, city and state that you currently live in, your height, weight and all of your clothing sizes.

The casting director added a special note to the casting call stating anyone who applies must work in Savannah, Georgia. You must be local (within 2 hours) to the area because the casting team will not pay any travel expenses or accommodations. If you are not local and would like to work on the movie, you can submit as long as you explain to the casting director that you acknowledge they are not paying or reimbursing you for any travel and you have made arrangements on your own. If you are local to the Savannah area and would like to work on the new Katie Holmes and Michael Caine movie, apply today!

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