Casting Children For Disney Film - Chicago

Casting Children For Disney Film – Chicago

A new Disney channel movie is going to be filming in the city of Chicago and they are looking for talented young kids that can sing and dance. This is going to be an original TV movie and will be airing at the end of the year. Producers and casting directors are searching for kids that are between the ages of 7 and 12 that have some experience with singing and dancing. It is not important that they are terrific singers, but they should be able to do it fairly well. Dancing is going to be the most important skill set that they will be looking at for these excitng roles. This is your chance to be cast in the next great original features from the beloved Mouse House in the epic tradition of the High School Musical series and the Camp Rock movie hits..

The movie will be mostly shot in a school setting and it will have some very good moral and educational undertones that are synonymous with family friendly Disney programming. Most of the shooting for this production will take place during the summer vacation months so parents do not need to worry about taking their children out of school to realize their dreams of entertainment stardom. This is a very exciting opportunity for kids to get involved in the movie business and it promises to be a great experience for a group of lucky and talented children. If you or someone you know is interested in this casting call  please submit your information below and be sure to leave a comment and tell us why you want to be cast in this Disney Original Movie event.

You could show an audience of millions around the world your singing and dancing talents. Apply today for a role in this all new Disney Original Movie.


  1. kendrick g says:

    i like to sing, dance with my sister and my family and it makes me so happy to do something with my family all the time and i am really want to do this

  2. Chris Studebaker says:

    My name is chris studebaker. I am 20 years old. I really want to start an acting career. I will do whatever it takes. I am new to this, and i want to learn. I cant sing, but i can dance really good.

  3. Jayla Gill says:

    I’m a very experienced actress, singer, and dancer. I have been doing all three for 5 years straightt, and I love to entertain people!

  4. denai says:

    im 11 and its hard to find kid acting auditions so i was wondering if they were holding auditions

  5. Jalen Johnson says:

    Singing not a strength haha ! but I do dance and would kill for the opportunity so please contact me!

  6. kiki says:

    hi i’m10 years old and want to be a kid actress I did do some dancing and i’m fairly good at singing

  7. Emily Lopez says:

    7 yr old 48 inches 41 pounds. Super energetic ready to give it her all. Watches Disney channel most of the time and knows all the movies and shows going on. Her dream is to see herself on TV one day. Has taken classes and recently auditioned in front of several agents and got 2 out of 3 call backs. Has a permit for il already…. That’s how much she want an opportunity even if it’s as an extra.

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