Lottery Commercial Looking for ActorsTest your luck and apply for the upcoming Lottery Commercial that will be shooting in Miami, Florida. The commercial will be a one day shoot between April 16th and April 21st. The shoot pays $800.00!

Miami Talent Casting is looking for Caucasian men and women between the ages of thirty and thirty-eight years old for the commercial shoot. They need fit, beautiful, modern and stylish talent to appear in it. The scene will be a couple that won the lottery and they are celebrating in Miami. They will be featured living it up in a villa, on yachts, on jetskis and in the Miami nightlife.

If you have any photos of you living the high life in a rich lifestyle look with yachts, boating, high end cars, upscale attire, nightlife and races, the casting director wants to see them! Photos from a previous lifestyle shoot are also a great option! You should send an email to with your photos, all contact information and your name, resume and availability between April 16th and 21st. Real couples are encouraged to apply, but if you do, you should send separate photos.

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