Mini-Series Good Luck Looking for ActorsThere is a new mini-series that will be filming in the Nashville and Memphis area called “Good Luck” and casting directors are looking for actors. The principal photography just began and the casting team needs to fill the supporting roles its second episode along with the rest of the episodes in the mini-series. Good Luck is about a rural, east TN gun-runner that needs to take care of a few things before she gets out of organized crime.

They are looking to fill the following roles: FRANKIE- Male. Early 20’s to late 30’s. Must be overweight. Preferably Samoan/Pacific Islander but not mandatory. Kind-hearted and secure with himself. Doesn’t go outside the lines often, agreeable. ZACH – Male. Early 20’s to mid 30’s. The main character’s brother and black market medic. Level-headed and tactical with his thoughts and decisions. Cool-headed and tough. GANNON – Male. Early 20’s to mid 30’s. A once low level street dealer that has moved up the ranks. Calm and comfortable in his own ego, gentle on the surface but violent and competent when he has to be. Cool-headed and tough like Zach. LUDOWITZ – Male. Late 20’s to early 50’s. Snide, rude, and selfish fast-food boss. Has a poisonous personality and ruthlessly badgers his workers. Plain mean and unfair.BART- Male. Early 20’s to late 20’s. Crazy and spacey. Works in fast-food and continually tries to come with ways to over throw his boss and reign supreme over his restaurant.

The filming for all roles except for Zach will take place in late June. All selected actors will receive IMDB credit and food. The filming will take place in Jackson, Tennessee. Local talent are strongly encouraged to apply. They will be shooting on weekends. This is a low-budget feature film. They are not able to cover travel expenses but are currently working on a pay system. If you fit a role and would like to be considered, please email with your name, age, location and your headshot and resume (if you have one).

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