This is not a paid job, but we thought that it would be interesting for some of you out there. MTV is casting for its documentary series “True Life”. The theme for their upcoming shoot is relationships that are causing you to go broke. If you are a girl and think that moving in with your boyfriend is the next step but you are scared that you will end up paying for everything, then this show may be for you. If your girlfriend expects expensive gifts and has expensive tastes that cause you to over spend, then this could be right up your alley. There should be one big question on your mind when going into this: Are you going to stay together with this person? Are you at the breaking point where you need to either separate or have some sort of intervention about the spending?

If you are interested, you can email with your information. The email should contain a little information about your relationship, photos, where you live, and how you would like to be contacted.

True Life is a series of documentaries that have been running on MTV since 1998. Each series take on a different topic and then has a camera crew follow participants as they make their way through the trials and tribulations of living with whatever scenario the show is focusing on. The series has won several awards, including an Emmy in 2009.

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