Paid Commercial Shoot Looking For MenHave you always wanted to be in a commercial and travel to Colombia? How about the chance to have your trip to Colombia paid for an appear in a commercial? Commercials are a great way to not only get some experience and build your resume but also to get your face out there.

This commercial opportunity not only give you those benefits, but also includes travel to Colombia! Miami Talent Casting is looking to fill a few roles for a commercial that will be shooting in Colombia. Auditions will be held in Miami. All travel to Colombia will be paid for plus the pay for the commercial is $1,000.00! The shoot will take place April 11th through April 14th so you must have a passport and be available for the shoot dates.

They are looking to fill the roles of: Presidente 1, who is a man of around 50 to 65. “el Presidente” has a dark complexion, a revolutionary beret, beard, stubble, glasses with a thick, black frame, Castro-type, but not too similar to Fidel Castro. The next role they are looking to fill is for Presidente 2 – 30s age range. Young and Insolent looking someone like a Kim Jun-un (dark complexion), with a hipster beard. The final casting is for the role of Shipwreck – Hippie looking role, Shoot 18th of Abril in San Andres, COLOMBIA. Should be between the ages of 25-36 must have long beards and hair. These must be shipwrecks with slightly rugged clothes and hair (but still esthetic and appealing). The actor applying for this role must be able to play surprise, admiration, joy, and expectation – simple and natural reactions. good acting skills

If you are interested and available and want to apply, email with your photos, name, age and resume. Remember to include all of your contact information in the submission.

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