Paid Short Film Looking for Boys 10-14Casting directors are looking for a boy actor ages 10-14 years old for a short film shoot that will take place on April 23rd. It is filming in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. The film is called Among the Elect. The film is about an Elect (Has supernatural abilities and a pre-determined purpose), Alexis Santos is a young boy struggling with his identity, trying to make sense of his supernatural abilities amidst struggles against abuse at home, oppression from his own kind, and persecution for his race. In the end, he must ultimately choose if he will accept his destiny and stand for his calling.

Casting directors are looking for someone to play Alex Santos the son of Elizabeth Santos and brother to Eve Santos. The role is for an elect, an 11 year with brown hair, dark skin and brown eyes. They are looking for someone who speaks Spanish at home and English at school (Spanish is his first language). Alex lives with mother, sister and stepdad. He his close to his mother and protects his sister from anything and anyone (even his stepdad). He knows he is an elect but doesn’t accept it and is afraid of what it means. He lies to himself and tells himself he is normal. He uses his abilities when no one is around. He gets picked on frequently at school.

This is a paid project. The selected actor will also get film credit, snacks and beverages during filming. If you would like to apply email Submissions will be accepted until April 7th. Casting directors ask you please submit a reel and or head shot with resume attached. The ages can range from 10 years old to 14. Must be able to speak Spanish. There will be no official casting call for this, everything will be based on experience and reel.

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