Pulse Paid Short Film Looking For ActorsThe upcoming short film “Pulse” is now casting actors for it’s upcoming shoot. Pulse is a story about a young woman’s journey towards accepting the inevitability of death. Maybelle is open, grounded and tuned in to all that exists around her.

When she senses a change is in the air, with the arrival of an opposing presence, initially she is accepting. But the longer this presence stays she becomes uneasy shifting from peace to frustration and even anger. The movie will be filming in San Francisco, California in the Mission District. Scary Cow, a non-profit local indie film group, will be holding auditions for the San Fran-based short film project on Saturday, April 2nd.

The casting team is looking for actors for two supporting roles in the short film. They are looking for a male of any ethnicity ages 30-49 to play the non-speaking role of Stranger. The Stranger has a deep appreciation for life. His role has always been that of the observer and he remains detached from those he encounters and observes. He longs to express empathy for Maybelle, but realizes he has to remain neutral. This is a non speaking role which relies on the ability to convey and emit emotions in body language and facial expression. They are also looking for a female of any ethnicity between the ages of 50-65 to play the role of Mrs. Henderson. Mrs. Hendersen is a kind older woman. She lives everyday in a peaceful state of mind and values all her interactions with people.

The films tentative shoot dates are April 23, 24, 30; May 1 (2016). If you would like to be considered for an audition submit headshots, resume and inforomation to: vonosmas@scarycow.com. This is a paid job. Casting directors ask that you submit by April 1st to be considered.

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