A very large and prominent network is casting for a brand new reality show. The show is going to be based on people that still hang out with their old friends from high school all the time. Was high school the time of your life and have you had a hard time letting that go? Do you still roll with the same group of friends that you sat at the cafeteria with? Do you still see your prom date on a regular basis? Can you still hear all of the same drama form your friends as they talk about each other behind everyone’s back? These are some of the questions we want answers to. If this sounds like you and your friends then we want to hear your story. If look to be between the ages of 28-45 then send your name, number, a recent photo, and a small description of you and your group of friends to alumni@punchedinthehead.com. Once we hear from everyone, we will start to narrow down which group of friends is going to be the best fit for the vision of the show.

People that appear on reality programs such as this need to be ready to deal with cameras and crew following them around at all times. You will be giving away a lot of your privacy, so please be aware of this and ready to deal with it if you are thinking that this might be the right project for you. Many people find it very strenuous to have someone around them at all times throughout the day, but others think that it very exciting. Either way, it is something to consider if you are interested in this casting call.

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