Casting For Short Film - Dallas

Casting For Short Film – Dallas

We are going to be shooting a short film that is going to be submitted to several film festivals and we need a couple of actors to fill some of the roles. We need two actors and one actress for major roles in this project. We are also looking for individuals that have some experience in acting for films. You do not need to have an extensive body of work under your belt, but we would prefer that you have worked on a movie before. The movie need not have been major, but some knowledge of how things work is highly desired. The film that we are shooting is going to be kind of a gritty drama, so we would also ask that you have some experience in a dramatic role. This means that if you have only worked on comedies, then this may not be the best fit for you. We will be able to negotiate pay on an individual basis depending on your experience. The type of actors we are looking for will have an athletic build and not have any big tattoos or facial piercings. If you are interested in learning more about the roles, please leave your information below and we will contact you shortly.


  1. Morgan says:

    Hi! Did you finish casting already? I’m a dallas actor.

  2. Nicholas A. DiMaio says:

    I am interested in a role!
    Thank you for your consideration!
    Nicholas A. DiMaio

  3. Stephen goodson says:

    Im in east Texas looking for a acting job to start out. Very interested I will work hard

  4. Kathy Hess-Reneau says:

    I would welcome an interview/audition.

  5. Matthew Sawczyn says:

    Hey! I’m a 23 blonde white actor with lots of theater experience and 1 short film. Let me know more about this ‘gritty drama’. sounds good.

  6. David Stenstrom says:

    I’m an actor looking for work! Let me know if there’s any parts (even extras) still available!

  7. Daniel Lunt says:

    I’m 23, Caucasian, male, and completely bald. If you have a possible role for someone fitting that description let me know.

  8. kambria says:

    Im very interested in short flims i think it would be fun.

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