The HBO television series “The Leftovers” is now filming in Austin, Texas. Third Coast Casting is looking for identical twins for an episode of the show. “The Leftovers” is now in its third season. HBO describes the show that tells the story of two percent of the world population that has inexplicably vanished. Three years… Read More »

Danny McBride and Jody Hill, the duo behind the unforgettable comedy creation Eastbound & Down are back at it with another HBO half hour series and expectations are sky high for both critics and fans alike. A number of fantastic auditions for roles in this sure to be classic sitcom are being held now and… Read More »

Boardwalk Empire is a critically acclaimed television show airing on the HBO network. The show is directed by Martin Scorsese and has been well received at all of the major awards shows such as the Golden Globe Awards and Emmy Awards. Honors and awards that the show has received or been recognized for include original… Read More »