A casting call has been released for the upcoming short film “Damn Bro”. Ameri Film Casting is now hiring two teen males for roles in the SAG short film. The movie will be shooting in New York, so they are looking for people who are local to the area. This comedy short is about a… Read More »

Estebandido Productions is casting for its next short film, Atlantic City. This is an independent production, to be shot over four days in Austin/San Antonio in mid August. The film is about a two day laborers drifting through south Texas find themselves at odds when one decides to take a job from a local thug… Read More »

The upcoming short film “Louise” is gearing up to hold auditions for their project. Louise follows the relationship between a father and daughter as they struggle to connect after a tragedy. Louise takes comfort in her dog Dalton, but her father has taken his grief with alcohol. After Louise’s dog is hit by a passing… Read More »

There is a new casting call for the short film “Flags of War”. This is a three-part short war film parody that follows Timmy, a very young boy eager for his older brother’s attention, who is denied the ability to join his brother’s side in a game of Capture the Flag. Upset and hurt, Timmy… Read More »

The SF Film Society Fellow Reena Dutt is producing the upcoming film Awarewolf. The shoot is a proof of concept for a feature length film. This is a great way to gain some footage for your reel, network with the team and showcase your skills in a short, quirky and heartwarming story. Casting Directors are… Read More »

Get your headshots ready to submit to a new independent short film called “Whitetails”. Titan Throw Productions are looking for actors to audition for the project. “Whitetails” is a short film about the strained relationship between the nature loving Woodsmen tribe and the more civilized citizens of a city named Raffiné. A misinformed Townie named… Read More »

The best way to get your child some experience and footage to start their reel is a short film.  You have a much better chance of landing a leading role in a short film than a big budget feature film that has hundreds or even thousands of actors vying for a role. The film Barking… Read More »

Casting directors are looking for a boy actor ages 10-14 years old for a short film shoot that will take place on April 23rd. It is filming in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, Texas area. The film is called Among the Elect. The film is about an Elect (Has supernatural abilities and a pre-determined purpose), Alexis Santos… Read More »

Casting directors are looking for non-union talent/actors for a small project/video about recognizing, celebrating, encouraging and nurturing inner beauty, uniqueness, and leaving a great mark in the world! Actors do not have to have any experience, just a great personality and be comfortable in front of the camera. The Video shoot will take place on… Read More »

The upcoming short film “Pulse” is now casting actors for it’s upcoming shoot. Pulse is a story about a young woman’s journey towards accepting the inevitability of death. Maybelle is open, grounded and tuned in to all that exists around her. When she senses a change is in the air, with the arrival of an… Read More »