The Walking Dead Casting Calls

The Walking Dead Casting Calls – Atlanta

The walking dead is going to shoot a new season and they are looking for a few new actors to play some pivotal roles. The parts are going to be part of a side plot and last at least 2 episodes. The great thing about these opportunities is that the network is looking for very new actors. This means that you do not need to have a giant resume or body of work to get the part. There are several male and female roles up for grabs, so if you are new to the business, then this could be the break that you are looking for. If you are interested in learning more, then submit your information and you will get a call about the upcoming auditions.

The Walking dead is a horror TV series that is placed in a post-apocalyptic environment and is based on a comic book that has the same title.
Andrew Lincoln stars as Rick Grimes, who suddenly wakes up in the world that is taken over by the undead. When he realizes what happened, he starts to search for his family and other people to see if there are other survivors. Other actors starring in the series are John Bernthal, Sarah Wayne Callies, Laurie Holden, Steven Yeun, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs and Jeffrey DeMunn.

The series premiered in the U.S.A. on AMC and after the first year it already received many awards. It became very popular and more people follow it each week. It has also been well received by critics and this series is becoming a worldwide hit. The series has two seasons while AMC already announced that the third season will be recored during 2012 and 2013. First season has only 6 episodes and the second one has thirteen. Because of such succes it is decided that this series will have more than three seasons and its popularity is still rising each day. There hasn’t been many more successful TV series recently, and The Walking Dead has become a phenomenon that people all over the world watch.

The Walking dead has a great story that many people found interesting and actors have done a great job to make series so realistic. There are not many series that are as accepted both from the critics and audiences and this is the best proof of high quality series that is worth watching on regular basis.


  1. Kieren Smith says:

    I’m from London and have been interested in this horror series for a while and think it would be great to be apart of what gets put together and create a more diverse show.


  2. CJ III says:

    I too feel that this is an excellent series. I have always been a fan of horror and zombie flicks. I would like to be part of the action as well. The season finale was great. I’m excited to see what season 3 has coming. I’m a dedicated fan and would absolutely love opportunity to get a zombie role or a special one episode 5 minute appearance. It would be a lifetime opportunity and a special moment. I hate Shane had to go so early but I think Rick is the MAN!! Daryl is fascinating also. I don’t think any decison would be a wrong decision in the Walking Dead World. Living in the moment would be the best way to describe. I love the series! The best series I’ve ever had opportunity to view and I’m 35 years of age.

    I hope to get an interview in Atlanta. I live about 3 hours from Atlanta in North Carolina. I will pray that we both get chance to be part of this series. Peace!

  3. Kieren Smith says:

    Again yes im a big fan of the seasons so far. I love to route for the underdog and would love the ability to have a role especially now being built into an allience with the survivors. Im living in Alpharetta so not far from atlanta at all hope to hear something.

  4. David Engeran says:

    I am interested in any roles available for The Walking Dead Series. Although I’m not an actor by trade, I have done some stage acting in the past and am a huge fan of horror. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at acting in a film and have put it on my “bucket list”. I enjoy the series and believe it to be one of the best Dramatic series currently on air, the writing, acting, cinematography and editing are top notch, (I am a video editor by trade!). I am 50 years of age and live in Norcross, GA

  5. Ivy Medeiros says:

    I am a 17 year old actress and model. Are they still casting? Where can I submitt??
    Thanks bunches!

  6. Daniel says:

    This is the best Show ever I would be so happy if I got to go on the show even if its only for one episode THE WALKING DEAD IS THE BEST TV SHOW EVER and it will be Amazing meeting the actors So plzzz get back to me πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ please Email me or something I’m 11 and LOVE THE WALKING DEAD πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. kennedy. healy-tonks says:

    I live in canada and i’am a really big fan. I hope that i can be apart of the series .I Love zombies and i mean love zombies. I love your work and i really hope that i can be with u guys one day.i’am a really good actor and please please pray to god that i can be on the show.The walking dead is the best show in the whole wide world. when i was little girl i wish that i could be a star and be in a zombie show. My favorite person in the walking dead would be carl,rick. so please tell me that i can be part of walking dead.

    i’am a 11 years old.
    peace out

  8. Daniel Richards says:

    It keeps saying comment awaiting moderation needs to hurry

  9. Daniel Richards says:

    I think this is over but if whoever reads these (meaning the people who pick) you have me email for Season 4 so yeah last comment πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  10. Victoria Tello says:

    I have a friend that did set design on this show. It’s my absolute favorite! I would love to get in on the show. I’m 19 years old, about 5’4″ and 110 lbs. I have been acting since I was little and zombies are my life. Well, horror is my life.

  11. katie sowter says:

    i know i live miles and miles away near london but i feel this could be a great experience as i would love to do acting and i havent done an anything about it yet, i feel this could be it for me. i can never miss the walking dead it is the best tv programme ever. but if you gave me a chance i will be dedicated to the job and it will give me a great start in life as i am only 18. watching the programme as much as i do i feel i already know the characters in and out. i just hope you give me a shot.

  12. Bruce burtner says:

    Hi. I’m looking for advice/instruction on whom to contact for working any position on WALKING DEAD. I live about 120 miles or less from Atlanta. I not only have worked amateur and professional acting gigs. I also have a security background. I’m a 6′ 5″ 239 lb white male. Does anyone have a lead or contact they can put me with. Please and thank you. xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thanks. Give me a call. ASAP.

  13. Dallas Badfish Zombielegend Carroll says:

    I am a 20 year old who has had experience acting all through High school and a little after. If you came to my town and asked people from the school about me and my “knowledge” of zombies and passion for it you would know Im perfect for the part and trust me, hiring me you’ll kill Rick Grimes off before me. I know all the characters and would have a blast working on a professional work stage I live in Missouri a small town…which would also be a big hit for your show.
    Thank you for your time hope you pick me!

  14. Kimberly Franklin says:

    I am a huge fan yet I have not seen any of the new season. πŸ™ I just bough my season 2 and finished it. This is a great show! I am a nurse and don’t get to watch much tv. I would love to be an extra in this show. It would be an honor! I live in calhoun GA and know my way around GA well. Please consider me!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Tyler says:

    I have always wanted to act in the walking dead ever since I saw the first episode and I won’t stop until I get a chance to act in it I’m 16, 5″11 tall, 180 pounds but I look skinny, I live 2 hours away from Atlanta in a little place called vidalia and I would love to act as anybody I don’t care who I can be just a surviver they meet on their journey or I can be a zombie I don’t care I’ll do anything you guys want me to do and if I’m a surviver I don’t have to have a big roll in the series unless you guys want me to, I could be a enemy of the group that tries to kill them but fails, if anybody from the walking dead see this send me an email or something.

  16. Nicholas A. DiMaio says:

    Yes. A MILLION TIMES, YES! Please consider me for a role. Visit my website and see if I may be a good fit!
    Thank you for your consideration!!
    Nicholas A. DiMaio

  17. Victoria Thomspon says:

    My name is Victoria Thompson and I am a new actress to Atlanta. I am very interested in playing episode of the Walking Dead. I am a huge fan of the show and I will love to become one of the cast or one of the zombies. I know once you see me performe you will not regret. i will love to send you a short clip of my work.
    I look forward to meeting you in person.

    Warmest regard

    Victoria Thompson

  18. Bradley Harrelson says:

    I think the series is one of the best on Network T.V. In many years. I would love to be a part of it.

  19. Ashley mallet says:

    I am 10 years old female huge fan of the show. do not know what kind of roles you are searching for but would love the oppurtunity!!! Please let me know!!!

  20. skylar mcpherson says:

    Hi my name is skylar and I live in florida , im 11 years of age and I would love to be on the show . I think the show is awesome and after reading the comics I see that it does fit in with how the tv show is. im a boy and I think putting me on the show would make it even better , if you do decide to put me on the show you will not regret it .

  21. thomas massey says:

    hi i am a huge fan of the walking dead and i have allways wanted to be in it so i serched for the walking dead jobs and i found this i would really like a part on the show. please consider this
    thank you
    from thomas massey

  22. thomas mckenzie says:

    hey my name in Thomas McKenzie I am 14 years old and I am really want to be a part of a great show, I have watched it from the day it came out and really been interested in the tv show, this would be a great opportunity for me, I am a huge fan and my friends say I can act really well. I am quite small and lightweight. please consider me I’ve loved it so far. what ever part, I would work my socks of for it.

    please consider it.

  23. Matthew Bennett says:

    Wow I have been looking for a acting job I would be perfect for the job

  24. Reuben says:

    The walking dead is my best show by far! I would love to have a role in the waking dead, I’m not a very experienced actor but I can guarantee I can pick up thing pretty fast, it’s always been a dream for me to be part of the cast. I’m hoping for the best!
    I’m 17 almost 18…just over 6ft…very athletic.

    Praying that I get a response!

  25. Prabhjit Singh Thind says:

    I love the walking dead show and love to be a part of it.
    let me tell you a bit about myself I’m 24 years old i live in UK Birmingham, im a music Producer with some great friends 1 of them is a Keyboard player, a DJ and the last is also a music Producer We are doing Dub step, Drum & Bass, House Music and Hip Hop we are also going to have an album out soon our name is High Drop Phonix.

    I have done 12 year of different types of Martial Arts like Wado Ryu Karate 12 years, Shaolin Kung Fu 2 years, Kickboxing with Kash the Flash 3 year and Weaponry Martial Arts 5 years.
    The weapons i love using is Staff, Dotanuki sword (Japanese Sword), Wooden or Metal Nunchucks, Sais Blades and a few others.

    I’m not a Professional Actor i have been in a small film that was for charity i had to play a roll of a gang leader and wear a nice suit πŸ˜‰ my part was to do some drug deal but there was one scene were a deal went wrong and broke out in to a fight this is when i had to get my Martial Arts in to play that what the director wanted the director was from Jamaica when he got all the scenes he wanted, and he went back to Jamaica and got the film out there i never had the chance to get his name or contact details.

    so here is a little bit about me but i would love to be an actor on the show and bring my talent to your show.

    With my warmest regard

    Prabhjit Sing Thind

  26. Nicole Conceicao says:

    Hello my name is Nicole & I’m really interested in being apart of your tv show the walking dead. I absolutely am in love with the series & would love to be apart of it. When I first heard of it I wanted to be apart of it so bad. I hope that you will consider me to be part of your acting crew. And will take any spot presented. I’m female, 15 & 5’4. If I have given you a slight interest & want to know what I look like & anything else. Please email me I will be glad to answer any questions about me personally & will respond right away. Thank you for your time & I hope I have giving you an interest.

  27. Catherine May Burke says:

    Hey! πŸ™‚ I would LOVE to be on this show! I just love every second of every minuet of every episode! :p Im 12 years old (Female) Im very tall with long blonde curly hair! I watch The Walking Dead Online. I would be more than honoured to be a walker or even a human on the show! πŸ™‚ Please em@il me back πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the great show too! πŸ˜€

  28. charlie parsons says:

    im only 11 but i am loving The Walking Dead i dont mind being a walker or a living human but i know u need alot of walkers and extras

  29. Travis Brown says:

    I’m very interested in playing any role I can. I recently returned from my last deployment from Iraq with the army and now work for the fire department in Newnan. I have some acting experience before the army. You can contact me anytime of the day. Thanks Travis

  30. mario valle says:

    hello i’m Mario and i’m 11 years of age i want to be in the next season of the walking dead because i’m a big fan and would do whatever it takes to be even in one scene. i am a boy who is very good at acting and and a good archer (not that it matters). please consider me in the next season of the walking dead and if you choose someone else for a part i completly understand.

  31. Monique Robbins says:

    I grew up in Hollywood, CA., and I am now in Dallas. I grew up taking acting, dancing and modeling lessons. Going on auditions. I got married young and decided to have a family and raise my kids. Now that they are grown, I would like to be considered for an acting job.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Monique Robbins

  32. kelsey douthwaite says:

    I guess i could say that i am a HUMUNGOUS fan of the show (which i am), but how interesting would i sound if i basically repeated the same thing as everyone else said. My dream since i was a little girl has always been to take part on one of my favorite shows aka the walking dead. I am a girl-obviously-and i have long brown hair, i have a slim build, and i would say that i am quite tall but i am in the 5 ft area… oh i am also 15 years old, even though i look younger (13,14) and i am British. often i am reminded that i speak posh; once i have been told that i sound American, but he probably had an ear ache that day from me blabbering on about what happened on the latest episode of THE WALKING DEAD. i would love to be a part of this joyous wonder.

    The walking dead has been an escape from reality for me, as i have a troubled past with my family (mainly my mum), but don’t worry, it isn’t anything to do with the law, it’s just that we have a complicated relationship that always seems to end in broken hearts and tears. When i watch the walking dead, it helps me relate and love the show even more.

    I think the show is absolutely brilliant and i would love to play a character on it..i have had dreams about it (i know cheasy right?) and i would be delighted to take part as a surviving child of the over-bared world of THE WALKING DEAD…

  33. kimberly thompson says:

    My name is kimberly thompson. I would like to be part of the walking dead cast crew. I’m deaf. I do not live very far from atlanta. I’m 5’1 123 ibs. I’m 43 years old. I’m in a good shape and I’m very active. Please contact me through via email or ill cry if I do not hear from you soon. I’m desprate of needing work to support my husband and to keep our head under the roof. Ill do anything. Thank you. If u need some pictures of me. Ill be happy to send u pictures.

  34. kimberly thompson says:

    P.s. I took drama class in high school for 2 years. I enjoyed it very much. Like I said ill do anything.

  35. stephe mcshane says:

    hi i would love to be a apart of the walking dead im from northern ireland im only 14 years old i loved it senic it series started. i would like to get food and water for them but use can keep me for 5 series if use want i would like to any role please text back as soon as possible thanks πŸ™‚

  36. stephe mcshane says:

    hi i would love to be a apart of the walking dead im from northern ireland im only 14 years old i loved it senic it series started. i would like to get food and water for them but use can keep me for 5 series if use want i would like to any role please text back as soon as possible thanks also i did drama in school for a year

  37. yhacoodail rezzaq says:

    my name is yhacoodail and I live in stone mountain Georgia and I would love to be in this movie. I have been into acting for a while now im 23 black African American and would to do any part that is available if you don’t mind zombie, crew, survivor, ect. and if you can’t reach me by email then you can find me on facebook as Coodail or Yhacoodail either one would do I really want to get my acting career of the road and I believe that this could be my chance so if you would email me or facebook me ill give you more contact information and we could go from there thank you and have a nice day

  38. Connor Tyree says:

    Hello I love the show and I have not missed an episode. I am 11 years old and I live in Portland, OR. I have been in a few plays at my school were my drama club teacher has taught me some really good tips. I would be happy with any role possible. also with my role I would probably die since I wouldn’t be that much of a main character and I have looked up some of the stuff you guys do to be a walker. THANK YOU SO MUCH. πŸ™‚ :):) please talk to me as soon as possible

  39. Connor Tyree says:

    I am 5’0 I weigh 89lbs I do parkour and I have long curly/wavy hair and am partly tan

  40. Olivia Boomhower says:

    Hello I’m Olivia. I’m 10 years old and I live in Vancouver Washington. I would love to act in anything. I’m just starting out with big dreams of becoming an actress. I’ve watched this show for quite sometime and I love it. The work is brilliant and awesome with special affects!! I would love to have a role in this show but if not that’s okay.

    Big hopes,
    Olivia Boomhower of Vancouver Washington

  41. Kelsey Mcbride says:

    Hello! My name is Kelsey, and I may not live in this whole walking dead thing but I’ve been watching all the walking dead videos since I was 8. Now I am 11 and I love the newer episodes because they keep getting more interesting! I live in Virginia. I am not an actress but I have been in concerts, plays , and I have been in fashion shows so I am not afraid of the audience or the camera’s. I would love to help Rick and Coral. I have big dreams and I hope you can help them come true .

    Thank you for your time,
    Kelsey McBride

  42. Shakira Ramos says:

    I am 16.
    Height: 5’0
    Black hair and brown eyes
    I’ve been watching watching the walking dead since it first came out and I am so excited for season 5! I would love to be a cast in the set with everyone or maybe just an extra would be fine.

  43. Dwan Bryant says:

    Hi just want to say thanks for taking the time out to hear how people feel about the show. Like everyone else I’m a big fan and would love to be a extra if possible. I served my country so I’m in excellent shape. I live in Atlanta, 6’0 and feel like I could be a great addition to the series.

  44. Rebecca Turner says:

    Hello, I am Rebecca
    I am 13
    Height: 5’7
    Brown hair, Green eyes.
    I’m not going to smooch about saying how much I enjoy the show, but I do want to start my career as an actress, it’s the only idea that interests me. I am an awkward, silly, out-going young lady, and what’s the best way to make it better? Meet even MORE silly, awkward people! There are a couple of people in the comic that hasn’t shown up yet, and hopefully you bring them in. For example, Anna, a 14 – 16 girl. Once I saw her, I felt as if I was her, and that’s how actors / actresses should feel about their characters. And even if you don’t bring her in, a zombie would be just fine, I already know how to walk like one because it’s what I do all day at school!
    Hopefully you, the producers, see this, It would mean so much to me.

  45. Corinthian says:

    Hello I’m Corinthian I’m 12 I have hazel eyes and brown hair I’m a girl I watch the walking dead I love to joke around sometimes but I can be serious too. I like too play out side for my free time and talk to my friends but when walking dead on I got to watch it I think I would be great for the part or a zombie part it would be fine as anything.

  46. Hannah says:

    Hi My name is Hannah and I am from Chicago I am 19 years old, I graduate high school and I love to act, I always think that a zombie Apocalypse will happen and I will love to be on the walking dead. I always wanted to act with Norman Reedus .I am really shy but I am funny and sweet, I did gymnastics for 14 years and Dance. I did some acting classes in high school and I been in plays in my middle school like Grease and Oklahoma. I love zombies and scary movies. I will love to be on my favorite show and be a zombie survive I will really appreciate if you would accept me!

    Age:19 years old
    Eye Color: Blueish Green
    Hair: Dirty Blond
    Special skills: Gymnastics, Basketball, Dancing.
    Caucasian: White

  47. Meagan Mulligan says:

    My name is Meagan and I am fifteen years old; I have always had a wonderful love for performing and acting on stage. I have been in plays,acting classes, and a haunted house production called Nightmare at Beaver Lake. On another note I adore the series The Walking Dead which you have done such stellar job on. The characters all have such great character development and personalities that you can really pinpoint them on. My hope is to be able to take my acting to another level and challenge myself in being able to join your cast. Thank you so much for your time and I’m excited to be able to see the continuation of the series.
    Hair: Dirty blonde
    Height: 5’6″
    Weight: 124
    Race: White
    β€’ I have a red belt in Hapkido(martial arts)
    β€’ I can shoot an assortment of guns(currently learning how to hunt)
    β€’ I know how to horse back ride and vault(gymnastics on horse)
    β€’ I play the violin and piano

  48. Nancy Muniz says:

    Hi my name is Nancy Muniz i’m 15 years old and I’ve been watching the walking dead since it came I’ve been looking for auditions for a long time and i’m interested to get a role like being a long time friend of Enid and Ron so if can text me it would be great
    Hair- Black with Brown
    Eye’s- Brown
    Caucasian- Latina/ Mexican
    Residence- Dallas, Texas
    I’m currently a freshmen in high school and I’ve been taking theater for 2 months so i’m familiar with acting and i’m currently starring in Romeo and Juliet

  49. Kathleen Brewer says:

    Hello my name is kat.
    I’m 23 years old and have been in love with the walking dead since I found the comic books. I would love to help and be on your show.

  50. Angie wells says:

    Hi im 10 years old ive have watched all the seasons i would love to play a girl Darl finds and takes her back to Rick i hope you pick a good choice and i will be honest Darl is my favirate actor and have a great day.

  51. Nora Wanamaker says:

    I am only a young girl at the age of 10, but my fear of zombies ended when i heard about this show. I have been in acting before. In first grade, i acted in a play called “Roy G Biv” i was the child that won the lead. Chandler Riggs has been my idol for a while now so it would be an honor to work with him and other great actors like Norman Reedus. I would just like to have a role and have fun. I wouldn’t even care if i got infected and destroyed, i would have still had a great time.

    hobbies and skills include:



    *acting (in front of crowd and alone)

    *having a good time

  52. Shilyn butcher says:

    Hey hey I’m shilyn butcher I’ve been watching the walking dead scone it start I’m 11 years old I would like to be on the walking dead I know how to act from my music teacher so if you all need me call ok

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